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Oil and Gas Market Analysis Course

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In London (England)

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Tipologie Intensivkurs
Niveau Advanced
Ort London (England)
Unterrichtsstunden 27h
Dauer 3 Days
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  • Intensivkurs
  • Advanced
  • London (England)
  • 27h
  • Dauer:
    3 Days
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The programme is accredited by the British Energy Institute. The course participants will be issued 80 CPD credits International Certificate of the IBH and ICE Futures.

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Voraussetzungen: The course will be held at ICE Futures in London from 17th to 19th of December 2014. The course provides an overview of the factors underlying the pricing of the energy markets. Delegates will gain a strong understanding of the fundamental drivers affecting the valuation of energy sources. Economic, Geographical, political, strategic and comparative factors are considered.



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Oil and Gas
Marketing Analysis
Oil and Gas market analysis



Senior Energy AnalystCentre for Global Energy Studies

The fundamentals of oil and gas

  • The global importance of oil and gas
  • Similarities and differences
  • Why market analysis is importantMeasuring oil and gas
  • Upstream economics

The oil and gas supply chain

Major sources of supply

  • The Middle East
  • The FSU
  • North America
  • Shale gas and tight oil 
    • What they are
    • How they are changing the oil and gas supply picture
    • North American experience 
    • Will the phenomenon spread beyond North America

Oil transportation

  • Pipelines
  • Tankers 
  • Rail

Gas transportation

  • Pipelines
  • Tankers (LNG)

Oil refining 

  • The importance of crude oil characteristics (gravity & sulphur)

Major centres of consumption 

  • Asia
  • The OECD

The drivers of oil and gas consumption

  • The changing pattern of oil use
  • Challenges in the transport sector
  • The rise of natural gas demand

Group exercise:

Delegates will have a chance to analyse select the optimum mix of crude oils to process in order to maximise refining margins.


Julian Lee, Senior Energy Analyst, Centre for Global Energy Studies 

 Oil and gas pricing

  • Basic market principles
  • Oil prices and price relationships
  • The use of benchmarks in oil pricing
  • Natural gas pricing (regional differences)
  • Will growing LNG trade erode regional gas price differences?
  • What drives prices?

Oil & Gas Market Outlook

  • The balance of oil supply and demand
  • The impact of North American tight oil
  • The role of OPEC
  • The competition for Asian gas markets
    • Pipeline gas vs LNG
    • New sources of LNG supply
    • The implications of shale gas

Group exercise:

Using the fundamental characteristics over the previous two days, participants, working in small groups, will develop their own short- to medium-term oil and gas market outlook to be presented to the class. It will be followed by an interesting discussion.                                                               


Training Delivery ManagerICE Futures

Charting & Technical Analysis

  • Charting principles, how they developed, Charles DowInterpreting
  • Volume & Open Interest
  • Main concepts: Support, Resistance, Trend, Breakout
  • Chart patterns: Continuation, Reversal, Gap


  • Moving Average: long & short term, using multiples
  • Oscillator: MACD, RSI, Stochastic Trading Bands & Channels
  • Other approaches: Elliott Wave, Pivot trading, Candlesticks

Combining tools to make a trading system

  • Confirmation, Filter, Divergence Analysis
  • Oil & Products contracts as a group
  • Financial management

Exercises and workshops:

Delegates are encouraged to interpret a chart to formulate a view of the next market move. You will analyse Open Interest reports to confirm or deny a price trend.

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Oil and Gas Market Analysis Course