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Oracle 12c and Microsoft SQL Certification Bundle with 5 Official Oracle and Microsoft exams

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Would you like to learn how to use Oracle 12c? Do you want to experience the benefits of an Oracle database? If so, maybe you should check this Oracle 12c and Microsoft SQL Certification Bundle with 5 Official Oracle and Microsoft exams, imparted by Hudson Limited Courses, that has added to its catalogue.

Oracle 12c has been re-engineered for Cloud computing. Multi-tenant architecture brings enhanced improvements, such as performance and manageability benefits, and fast and efficient cloud provisioning. Our Oracle Database 12c Certification Bundle includes the Oracle Database 12c: SQL Fundamentals 1Z0-061, and Oracle Database 12c: Installation and Administration 1Z0-062 certification courses. Both courses are fully comprehensive and will prepare you to sit the final 1Z0-061 and 062 certification exams.

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With this e-learning system, gaining your certification has never been simpler! You can be starting your IT career or taking your current IT skills to the next level in just a few short weeks. This learning system gives you all of the benefits of a live class at just a fraction of the cost.


Voraussetzungen: All you need is a device such as a laptop, desktop PC, smartphone, or tablet, and an internet connection.





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Das Beste: The course structure is amazing, the associate videos which are provided are very much helpful to learn everything. During the course of IT Support Technician, I got highly benefitted from the videos of the study material. They provided good guidance to learn better and also have confidence in the subject.
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Das Beste: I had a great experience with Hudson and their support team is great! The course was interesting and it was a great way of learning. I have no complaints at all and I strongly recommend it.
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Kurs abgeschlossen: April 2017
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Database training
SQL Database
Oracle Forms
SQL Server


Course Programme

This bundle contains 5 separate certification courses and 5 official Oracle and Microsoft certification exams that are valid for 12 months from the time of purchase.
Oracle Database 12c: SQL Fundamentals 1Z0-061:
Module 1 Introduction To Oracle 12c SQL Fundamentals
1.1 Introduction To Course
1.2 Intro To Oracle 12c SQL Fundamentals
1.3 Structure Of SQL
1.4 Basic Select Statements
1.5 Basic Select Statements Demo

Module 2 Retrieving Data
2.1 Modifying Reported Output
2.2 The Where Clause
2.3 The Order By Clause
2.4 Left And Right Outer Joins
2.5 The Where Clause Demo
2.6 Multi­Table Selection Demo

Module 3 SQL Functions
3.1 Single Row Functions
3.2 Aggregate Functions
3.3 Single­Row Functions Demo
3.4 Multi­Row Functions Demo
3.5 Group By
3.6 Grouping Demo
3.7 Conversion Functions
3.8 Conversion Functions Demo
3.9 Date­time Functions
3.10 Date­time Functions Demo

Module 4 Subqueries
4.1 Single­Row Subqueries
4.2 Single­Row Subqueries Demo
4.3 Multi­Row Subqueries
4.4 Multi­Row Subqueries Demo
4.5 Other Subquery Types
4.6 Other Subquery Types Demo

Module 5 Data Manipulation Language
5.1 Adding Data
5.2 Changing Data
5.3 Deleting Data
5.4 DML Demo

Module 6 Data Control Language
6.1 Security
6.2 Object Privileges
6.3 DCL Demo

Module 7 Data Definition Language
7.1 Creating Objects In The Database
7.2 Creating Objects In The Database Demo
7.3 Sequences
7.4 Sequenced Demo
7.5 Indexes

Module 8 Combining Queries
8.1 Combining Queries

Module 9 Oracle 12C SQL Fundamentals Review
9.1 Oracle 12c SQL Fundamentals Review-Part 1
9.2 Oracle 12c SQL Fundamentals Review-Part 2
9.3 Oracle 12c SQL Fundamentals Review-Part 3
9.4 Conclusion
Oracle Database 12c: Installation and Administration 1Z0-062:
Module 1 Database Concepts And Tools
1.1 Instructor And Course Introduction
1.2 Database Concepts And Tools­ Part 1
1.3 Database Concepts And Tools­ Part 2

Module 2 Memory Structure
2.1 Memory Structure­ Part 1
2.2 Memory Structure ­Part 2

Module 3 Tables
3.1 Tables ­Part 1
3.2 Tables ­Part 2

Module 4 Indexes
4.1 Indexes ­Part 1
4.2 Indexes­ Part 2

Module 5 Constraints And Triggers
5.1 Constraints And Triggers ­Part 1
5.2 Constraints And Triggers ­Part 2

Module 6 Users
6.1 Users
6.2 Profiles
6.3 Privileges
6.4 Roles

Module 7 Internal Structures
7.1 Storage Structures­ Part 1
7.2 Storage Structures ­Part 2
7.3 Internal Memory Structures ­Part 1
7.4 Internal Memory Structures ­Part 2
7.5 Background Processes ­Part 1
7.6 Background Processes ­Part 2

Module 8 Starting Up and Shutting Down Database
8.1 Starting And Stopping Data Base ­Part 1
8.2 Starting And Stopping Data Base­ Part 2

Module 9 Critical Storage Files
9.1 Critical Storage Files­ Part 1
9.2 Critical Storage Files­ Part 2

Module 10 Data Manipulation Language
10.1 DML Atomicity­ Part 1
10.2 DML Atomicity­ Part 2
10.3 DML Insert
10.4 DML Update ­Part 1
10.5 DML Update ­Part 2
10.6 DML Delete And Review Of DML Statements ­Part 1
10.7 DML Delete And Review Of DML Statements ­Part 2

Module 11 Data Concurrency
11.1 Data Concurrency ­Part 1
11.2 Data Concurrency­ Part 2

Module 12 Back-Up And Recovery
12.1 Back-Up­ Part 1
12.2 Back-Up ­Part 2
12.3 Back-Up ­Part 3
12.4 RMAN Catalog
12.5 RMAN BackUps ­Part 1
12.6 RMAN BackUps­ Part 2
12.7 Disaster Preparedness
12.8 Recovery
12.9 Flashback Recovery

Module 13 Installation
13.1 Installation ­Part 1
13.2 Installation­ Part 2

Module 14 Course Review
14.1 Course Review­ Part 1
14.2 Course Review­ Part 2
14.3 Course Review­ Part 3
14.4 Course Review­ Part 4
14.5 Course Review ­Part 5
14.6 Course Outro
Microsoft certification courses included:

  1. Microsoft 70-461: Querying Microsoft SQL Server 2012
  2. Microsoft 70-463: Implementing a Data Warehouse with Microsoft SQL Server 2012
  3. Microsoft 70-462: Administering Microsoft SQL Server 2012 Databases

How much can I potentially earn with these certifications?

  • Oracle Database 12c Administrator: £54,000 p.a. UK*
  • MCSEs in the UK typically earn between £40k-£65k+ p.a.* MCSEs in the US typically earn between $50k-$91k+ p.a.^ *As at Jan 2017. Source: ITjobswatch. ^As at Jan 2016. Source: PayScale

Source: *UK: As at Feb 2017
What career paths are available to me through this course?
We’ve provided a list of other career paths you can consider through this course bundle. These include:

  • Oracle Database 12c Administrator
  • Oracle Consultant (with experience)
  • Oracle Data Analyst
  • SQL Database Developer
  • SQL Database Administrator