Pet first aid certificate training course


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Anyone who owns a pet or works with animals will benefit from a pet first aid Certificate. Knowing what to do when a pet is injured or ill is a wonderful chance to save a family pet and make a difference. This information packed course is designed for anyone who wants to learn what to do in the event of a pet emergency, how to handle the situation and how to remain calm to help the pet until they get the veterinary care they need.

The course is broken down into easy to study modules, and is hosted online, so as long as you have access to the internet, you can study anywhere, whether it's when you get home from work or during your lunch break from your desktop computer or your tablet.

Course Access: Lifetime
Exams Included: Yes
Compatibility: All major devices and browsers

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First Aid
Pet Care
Training First Aid
Online training
CPD Accredited
Online Course
CPD course
CPD Accredited Online Course
CPD Short course
CPD Training
24x7 CPD


Course Content

                                                          • Module 1: Introduction, Importance and Types of Veterinary Services, Equipment for Pet First Aid Kit
                                                          • Module 2 : Understanding the Anatomy & Home Examination of Pets
                                                          • Module 3 : How to Check for Vital Signs and treating wounds
                                                          • Module 4 : Treatment of Burns & Choking
                                                          • Module 5 : Emergency Pet Handling and Restraint Procedures
                                                          • Module 6 : Home Care and Treatment for Hypothermia, Drowning and Bites
                                                          • Module 7 : Household Hazards and Pet Medications