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PGCE Secondary Education Science with Chemistry

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Middlesex University
In London (Grossbritannien)

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Tipologie Postgraduate
Ort London (Grossbritannien)
Dauer 1 Year
Beginn September 2018
  • Postgraduate
  • London (Grossbritannien)
  • Dauer:
    1 Year
  • Beginn:
    September 2018

Chemistry's importance can be seen all around us, every day. But with a shortage of good chemistry teachers in the UK, there is a serious demand for talented individuals to transfer their skills to science education. Possessing charisma, empathy and scientific knowledge, you will be required to communicate chemistry's key elements to pupils of all abilities and backgrounds.

Why study PGCE Secondary Education Science with Chemistry at Middlesex University?

A one year full time course, PGCE Secondary Education Science with Chemistry enables you to meet the national standards for the award of qualified teacher status. Teaching science at Key Stages 3 requires competence across the entire range of the National Curriculum Programme of Study for Science.

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We have a range of specialist science and teaching facilities, providing you with a solid foundation on which to develop your skills and experience. During your studies, you will also undertake teaching placements in at least two secondary schools and have the chance to acquire skills in the application of new technologies in teaching and learning. Schools are carefully selected to suit each individual and expose them to a variety of imaginative and thought provoking learning strategies. Key experts from our partner schools are on hand to offer invaluable mentoring and support.

Voraussetzungen: Entry onto this course requires an interview. We use the interview to find out more about you, to better understand your aspirations and interests, and to explore why you want to study with us. Prior to commencing the course, you must pass Department for Education professional skills tests in numeracy and literacy. You are advised to pass them wherever possible before your interview in order to give yourself the best possible chance of success. However if you haven't passed at the time of the interview and you receive an offer it will be conditional on passing the tests by a nominated date


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Beginn Lage
The Burroughs, NW4 4BT, London, Grossbritannien
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Beginn Sep-2018
The Burroughs, NW4 4BT, London, Grossbritannien
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Jahnvi Manzi
Das Beste: Middlesex brought me a set of skills you might not consider when starting teacher training. The PGCE is one of the hardest things you’ll ever do but there’s an array of staff to talk to.
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Kurs abgeschlossen: Juli 2015
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Skills and Training
Transferable skills
Education Science


You will develop the knowledge and skills required to teach your chosen subject. You will be able to identify and evaluate effective strategies for assessing children's learning in the selected subject, through formative and summative assessment strategies. You will critically evaluate the effectiveness of a wide range of resources and your own lesson plans. You will learn to understand the importance of literacy, numeracy and ICT in delivering an effective curriculum and as transferable skills. You will analyse research data and critically evaluate how research has contributed to the knowledge and understanding of how to teach your subject effectively.

At the start of the course you will be shown how to audit your subject knowledge across the curriculum at KS3 and in chemistry at KS4 and beyond. You will develop an action plan to address gaps in subject knowledge and use a spreadsheet to record the development of knowledge during the course. You will need to provide evidence by the end of the course that you have developed the appropriate subject knowledge and pedagogy to meet the teaching standards.

The PGCE Secondary Science with Chemistry course will comprise a range of presentations, discussions and practical workshops where exemplar material can be selected from chemistry contexts. You will have many opportunities both individually and in groups to apply general principles to specific science learning opportunities in science and in chemistry. There will also be break out sessions where you will be working both in mixed groups and with other chemistry specialists. Outside specialists are also invited to deliver sessions that cover topics in teaching chemistry at KS4. The chemistry specialism will also be reflected in the required reading for the course.

School based training will reflect the pattern of centre based training. Your timetable will be a balance of Key Stages 3 and 4 with teaching across the science curriculum at KS3 but with a focus on chemistry at KS4. You will be matched with chemistry mentors and/or co mentors for KS4 teaching. Auditing and assessment of chemistry subject knowledge related to teaching standards will then be reflected in school reporting procedures.

The first School Experience is 13 weeks. The second School Experience is an extended, individual school experience where you build upon your experience in School Experience 1. You build up to a 60% teaching load across the placement, which is 17 weeks days in total, across a six month period.The major curriculum assignment will be an opportunity for you to demonstrate that you have read widely and developed a good understanding of best practice in teaching chemistry at KS4 and in assessing the progress of learners. This will be done through developing original teaching resources and creative ideas in order to revise an existing scheme of learning in the placement school. You will be required to analyse the planning of a sequence of lessons, showing how they drew on reading and study to develop effective teaching and assessment in chemistry and how the school context affected their decisions.

You will find this an intensive five days a week course, during which you will also have directed work to carry out during the Christmas and Easter holiday periods.

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