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Physiotherapy Assistant

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Physiotherapy assistants are an important part of the recovery process for many patients. They provide necessary face to face contact, support, and help carry out the plans designed by the physiotherapist so that patients can get better sooner. In this field, regardless of your current age or background, you can immediately make a difference in the life of someone who needs it.

Don’t hesitate to enroll in our online Physiotherapy Assistant course. Patients are waiting for your help, and even if you already have a hectic schedule, we can help you work your learning around it. Our online course provides you instant access to the course material, and allows you to complete your coursework on your own time, and wherever it is most convenient to you. Everyday that you pass up your dream of helping people for a living, you limit the amount of people you will be able to help.

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All of these exciting fields are looking for motivated and talented individuals who are eager to help people. Regardless of what field you would like to work in, our online Physiotherapy Assistant course will help you prepare to assist physiotherapists in helping their patients. We will give you background knowledge in:

Anatomy and physiology
Human biology
Clinical pathology
Behavioural sciences
We will prepare you for an exciting and brand new career as a physiotherapy assistant.

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Janelle Pierce
Das Beste: So many amazing elements have come from my experience so far. Being able to do it at my own pace is such a huge bonus. The course was good and amazing.
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Kurs abgeschlossen: Januar 2018
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Was lernen Sie in diesem Kurs?

Clinical Psychology
Sport Physiotherapy
Sports Massage
Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation
Physiotherapy Assistant
Physiotherapy Management
Neurological Physiotherapy
Paediatric Physiotherapy
Geriatric Physiotherapy


Module 1: Introduction and history What is physiotherapy? History Being an assistant Effects and results

Module 2: Types of physiotherapy Cardiovascular and pulmonary Clinical electrophysiology Geriatric Integumentary Neurological Orthopaedic Paediatric Sports Women’s health

Module 3: Ethics Responsibilities to the patient Responsibilities to society Responsibilities to the profession

Module 4: Procedure Examination Evaluation Diagnosis Prognosis Plan of care Intervention Prevention

Module 5: Anatomy and physiology The human body Basis of life Integumentary system Skeletal system Muscular system Nervous tissue Central nervous system Peripheral nervous system Autonomic nervous system

Module 6: Human biology The scientific method DNA Immune system Nutrition

Module 7: Biomechanics Musculoskeletal anatomy Dynamics of human motion Major tissue and organ structure, function, and adaptation Biological tissue strength Viscoelasticity

Module 9: Kinesiology Neurophysiology and muscle physiology Muscle function Metabolism Cardiovascular physiology Metabolic adaptations Fatigue

Module 10: Neuroscience Neurons and glia Synaptic transmission Vision Hearing Olfaction Motor skills Learning and memory

Module 11: Clinical pathology Cells and tissues Infection and immunity Transplantation and biomaterials Organ function Blood cells

Module 12: Behavioural sciences The biology of the mind Motivation Stress and health Sensation and perception Learning and memory