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Postgraduate Course in Fashion and Lifestyle photography

IED - Istituto Europeo di Design Spa
In Madrid (Spain)
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Tipologie Postgraduate
Ort Madrid (Spain)
Dauer 3 Months
Beginn April
  • Postgraduate
  • Madrid (Spain)
  • Dauer:
    3 Months
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Are you a photographer? Interested in Fashion? Then check out the this IED postgraduate course in Fashion and Lifestyle photography, one of the latest postgraduate courses has updated to its catalogue.

Show your art thanks to the help of studio photographers, such as Joséphine Douet, Rafa Gallarand or retouching specialist Victor Garrido. Become a well-known resource for many magazines and fashion agencies!, ideas and creation from the palm of your hand!

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Welche Ziele verfolgt der Kurs?

In a world dominated by image, it is photographers who define the visual trends through the editorials in magazines, the advertising campaigns, the jobs for agencies and the work with commercial clients.

Ist dieser Kurs für mich?

Photographers and fashion designers.

Voraussetzungen: Curriculum vitae / Letter of interest Project Portfolio (max 3Mb) / Web Personal interview as deemed necessary by the Academic Coordination Team.To participate in this course, it is necessary for students to have their own camera

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C/ Flor Alta 8, 28004, Madrid, Spain
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Beginn April
C/ Flor Alta 8, 28004, Madrid, Spain
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Was lernen Sie in diesem Kurs?

Project Manager
Fashion Photography
Photo Editing
Photography Basics
Photography Techniques
Professional Photography
Product Design
Product Management
Fashion Product
Fashion design
Fashion Industry
Fashion Business
Photography Direction


MODULE 1 Understanding the Fashion Industry

Fashion photography involves knowing how to collaborate with a range of professionals from different disciplines. Understanding their priorities and workprocesses is key to successfully develop projects.

– The model agency– The agent– A production process– Types of assignments– The production companies: structure and workflow


The practice of Fashion Photography most of his or her creative capacity. The subjects in this block will help you make the most of your possibilities in the field of fashion photography.

– The creative process– Coolhunting– Having fun with photography– 360 vision of photography– Studio lighting


It consists of ad hoc workshops that support the development of the project and the subjects, in order to respond to the needs of the students in each editionof the course.


The final project is the time when you will test all the knowledge acquired. It is developed mostly in collaboration with a company in the sector and aims to produce and present a project, helping students get closer to the reality of the profession.


In addition to the specific contents of your program, you will be able to access new materials that will immerse you in the world of design and the creativespirit that characterizes the Istituto Europeo di Design. These contents will provide new insights related to the values of the school and are taught primarily online. Some of the themes that you will study in this module are:

– Theory and history of design– Design and visual communication tools

Professional Opportunities
  • 1 To offer the students a
  • view of the actual trends in
  • fashion photography
  • 2 To put into practice the
  • tools and knowledge used in
  • fashion photography
  • 3 To present the different
  • types of practice in fashion
  • photography
  • 4 To think about the role of the
  • photographer within the the
  • fashion industry
  • 5 To experience, by means of a
  • real assignment with a client,
  • what it means to create a
  • professional fashion editorial


  • 1 Fashion photographer
  • 2 Photographer assistant
  • 3 Digital and lighting technician
  • 4 Editorial photographer
  • 5 Post-production artist
  • 6 Picture editor
  • 7 Agency assistant
  • 8 Art buyer
  • 9 Art director
  • 10 Studio manager