Akademie für Führungskräfte der Wirtschaft GmbH

Presentation Skills – Get your message across to international audiences

Akademie für Führungskräfte der Wirtschaft GmbH
In Göttingen und Köln

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Tipologie Seminar
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Gerichtet an: Managers of all levels who require effective presentation skills in international business environments.
This seminar will guide you though the structure of a presentationand provide you with tips an tricks to confidently deliver presentation by talking into consideration who your adience is.

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Göttingen (Niedersachsen)
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Dransfelder Straße 3, D-37079


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Köln (Nordrhein-Westfalen, NRW)
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Bayenstraße 51 , 50678


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Opening and closing presentations with impact
Dos and don'ts of presenting in buisness settings


Volker Latus
Volker Latus
Führung, Rhetorik, Konfliktmanagement, Train-the-Trainer, Verhandlung


Delivering presentations successfully means focusing not only on content and facts but also on appropriate body language, expressions, and reactions from your audience. When presenting in front of an international audience, another important aspect comes into play: the consideration of cultural differences.
This seminar will guide you through the structure of a presentation and provide you with tips and tricks to confidently deliver presentations by taking into consideration who your audience is. You will get some practical hands-on advice on preparation and handling of visual aids, as well as tips on how to capture and entertain your audience. A special focus is put on the dos and don’ts of presenting in front of groups from diverse cultural backgrounds and/or cultural backgrounds different from your own. Creating cultural awareness will not only help you prepare for presentations in international settings, but also to deal more confidently with the challenges you face when presenting in a language other than your mother tongue.


  • You gain security in preparing and delivering presentations.
  • You develop an understanding of what to consider when presenting in front of culturally diverse groups.
  • You get tools for opening and closing your presentations with impact.


  • Setting the ground: positively influencing the relationship between you and your audience
  • Dos and don’ts of presenting in business settings
  • Opening and closing presentations with impact
  • Understanding cultural differences and various business cultures
  • Presenting in front of diverse groups: expectations, objectives, and roles
  • Facilitating group discussions to maintain audience participation
  • Tips for building confidence and dealing with nervousness
  • Dealing with difficult situations when giving presentations

A hands-on approach with focus on the special needs of the participants, allowing all participants to practice their skills, enhanced by the use of a video camera.

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