Primary Relationships: Dramatic Visions Of Passion, Justice, and Peace

Filmhaus Köln
In Babelsberg

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Tipologie Seminar
Niveau Fortgeschritten
Ort Babelsberg
Dauer 3 Tage
  • Seminar
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  • Babelsberg
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    3 Tage

Gerichtet an: Writers, directors, and performers


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August-Bebel-Str., 14, 14482, Brandenburg, Deutschland
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Keith Cunningham
Keith Cunningham

Keith Cunningham is a screenwriter and consultant based in Chicago, Illinois USA, and Munich, Germany. He celebrates 25 years of leading screenwriting workshops, 20 years working in Europe. Along the way, he has developed TV series and his own scripts for TV episodes and films have been produced by RTL-TV and PRO-7 television in Germany.


Drama grounds itself in life, and in our own time the media also generate models of relationship that influence the real lives of large segments of society. In many ways, the quality of our relationships determines who we can become. The Primary Relationship in a movie is one of its most important elements, not only for the success of the movie, but also for its impact on the audience. The primary relationship character, often called the “love interest,” has the most profound transformational impact on the hero. The presence or absence of this character is really the best indicator for the audience of whether the hero will succeed or fail. The primary relationship character also tends to represent the moral center of the story, whether as lover, friend, mentor, or guide. The relationship arc of the primary relationship has its own throughline and dramatic dimension of the screenplay. Knowing how to build a fascinating and convincing primary relationship is one of a screenwriter’s most important skills. The primary relationship has often been treated as a charming and sentimental ingredient that a movie uses to increase its appeal, rather than as a core element of the dramatic unity of character/plot/theme. But, far more than a pretty face, the quality of the character in this role largely determines the outcome of the drama. Primary relationships change and grow through a story, running a full gamut of feelings from desire to intimacy, the threat of betrayal, and finally to the successful sharing of deep trust and love. And beyond this, it is through this character that the author (writer and/or director) projects her own beliefs about relationships, society, and what makes life worth living.. The PRIMARY RELATIONSHIPS weekend workshop will show you how to work with the relationship patterns, personal qualities, and core values that create a truly memorable primary relationship character. At the same time, we shall look at the psychological factors that create strong, intimate relationships in real life, and those factors that render true intimacy, friendship, and love impossible. In a time when people have never been so confused and insecure about relationships of all kinds, the storyteller who possesses “relationship wisdom” has something special to offer. Writers, directors, and performers will all find new insights in this workshop.

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