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Prince2® – Foundation Exam

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In order to pass the examination candidates will need to have completed the PRINCE2® Foundation study programme and be fully familiar with the basic processes and themes that make up the methodology.

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Project managers who need to demonstrate a basic understanding of the PRINCE2® methodology.
Project team members who need to better understand their role within the PRINCE2® framework.
Consultants and contractors who will be working with organisations that use the PRINCE2® framework to manage internal and external projects.
Individuals needing to cross-train for a new role in project management and who want an industry-recognised qualification as proof of their abilities.

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Project Control
Project Manager
Project Finance
Management Information Systems
Project Management
Management roles



The PRINCE2® Foundation exam consists of 60 questions (plus five practice questions) set over the course of sixty minutes by a dedicated invigilator online. Students will have their knowledge of the PRINCE2® project management methodologies tested to ensure that they fully understand all aspects of the framework and how it is applied to ensure a successful project outcome.

To pass the exam candidates will need to demonstrate that they can:

  • Define the purpose and major content of all roles, the components, processes and themes as described in the PRINCE2® manual.
  • Identify the source or derivation of the management products, from their purpose and/or key content.
  • Indicate the relationships between processes, products, roles and the management dimensions of a project.

This is a closed book examination taken over webcam, so students will need to be fully conversant in the Foundation concepts before beginning.