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Prince2® Foundation Training With Foundation Exam

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Tipologie Kurs
Niveau Intermediate
Methodologie Online
Unterrichtsstunden 30h
Dauer 6 Months
Beginn nach Wahl
Online Campus Ja
Beratungsservice Ja
Virtueller Unterricht Ja
  • Kurs
  • Intermediate
  • Online
  • 30h
  • Dauer:
    6 Months
  • Beginn:
    nach Wahl
  • Online Campus
  • Beratungsservice
  • Virtueller Unterricht

Widely used by the UK government and adopted by UK and international private sector businesses, PRINCE2® has become the go-to project management resource since it was introduced in 1996. Like its predecessors, PRINCE2® 2017 offers you the opportunity to employ consistent and effective project management across your business. This PRINCE2® Passport e-learning course is foundation level and is part of a course and exam package accredited by the APM group.
At foundation level the PRINCE2® passport covers the basic terminology used in the project management system, and the methods applied and put into action throughout the process. 12 interactive modules will break down all the main elements of PRINCE2®.
PRINCE2® can benefit an organisation’s project management approach by clearly identifying what a project is to deliver, and breaking this down into manageable stages for staff involved. Training can be delivered to staff at director/executive level, to those in project management roles, and staff members looking for increased employment prospects and new roles in the field.
This course is offered on a flexible e-learning basis, meaning it can be accessed from any location. There is also the added option of a classroom revision day to prepare for the exam

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Introducing projects and project management and defining them in a business context.
A look at projects vs. programmes, and the differences between them.
Why Choose PRINCE2®?
Common reasons why projects fail and how to address the issues.
The structure and 7 key principles of PRINCE2®.
Themes and processes and their integration.
The Process model and how to tailor PRINCE2® to your business.

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IT Project Management
Project Management
IT risk
Team Training
Quality Training


Units of Study

Getting Started Module
  • Learning Objectives
  • What is a Project?
  • What is Project Management?
  • Why PRINCE2®?
  • Reasons Why Projects Fail?
  • Addressing Project Failure
  • What is a Programme
  • Projects in Context – Portfolio
  • Module Summary
Introduction to PRINCE2 Module
  • Introduction to PRINCE2®
  • PRINCE2 Background
  • PRINCE2 Structure
  • The Seven Principles
  • The Seven Themes
  • The Seven Processes
  • Process and Themes Integration
  • Process Model
  • Tailoring and Embedding
  • Module Summary
Processes SU and IP
  • SU Process – Activities
  • SU Process – Activities and Outputs
  • SU Process – Task
  • IP Process – Activities
  • IP Process – Activities and Outputs
  • IP Process – Task
  • Module Summary
Processes CS and MP
  • CS & MP Processes – Learning Objectives
  • CS Process – Activities
  • CS Process – Activities and Outputs
  • CS Process – Task
  • MP Process – Activities
  • MP Process – Activities and Outputs
  • MP Process – Task
  • Module Summary
Processes DP SB and CP
  • DP, SB & CP Processes – Learning Objectives
  • DP Process – Activities
  • DP Process – Activities and Outputs
  • DP Process – Task
  • SB Process – Activities
  • SB Process – Activities and Outputs
  • SB Process – Task
  • CP Process – Activities
  • CP Process – Activities & Outputs
  • CP Process – Task
  • Process / Timeline Relationship
  • Module Summary
Organization Theme
  • Organization Theme – Learning Objectives
  • Organization Theme and the Principles
  • The Four Levels of Management
  • The Project Management Team
  • Project Board
  • User and Supplier Groups
  • Project Assurance
  • Change Authority and Change Budget
  • Project Manager
  • Team Manager
  • Project Support
  • Tailoring Organization
  • Module Summary
Business Case Theme
  • Business Case Theme – Learning Objectives
  • Business Case Theme and the Principles
  • Definition: Output, Outcome, Benefit and Dis-benefit
  • Types of Business Case
  • Tailoring Project and Programme Business Cases
  • Business Case Development Path and Benefits Management Approach
  • Benefits Management Approach
  • Tailoring Business Case
  • Module Summary
Risk Theme
  • Learning Objectives
  • Risk Theme and the Principles
  • Threats and Opportunities
  • Risk Management Approach
  • Risk Register
  • Risk Management Procedure Technique
  • Risk Response Types
  • Risk Budget
  • Tailoring Risk
  • Module Summary
Plans Theme
  • Plans Theme – Learning Objectives
  • Plans Theme and the Principles
  • Plans Defined
  • Plan Purpose and the 3 Levels of Plan
  • PRINCE2 Approach to Product-Based Planning
  • Management Stages VS Delivery Steps
  • Defining & Anlyzing the Products
  • Product Breakdown Structure
  • Product Description
  • Example Product Flow Diagram
  • Identifying Activities & Dependencies
  • Preparing Estimates
  • Preparing A Schedule
  • Resourcing the Plan
  • Analyze Risks to the Plan
  • Documenting a Plan
  • MoSCoW Prioritization Technique
  • Tailoring Plans
  • Module Summary
Quality Theme
  • Quality Theme – Learning Objectives
  • Quality Theme and the Principles
  • Quality Defined
  • Project Assurance VS Quality Assurance
  • PRINCE2 Approach to Quality
  • The Quality Audit Trail
  • Customer Quality Expectations, Acceptance Criteria and the Project Product Description
  • Quality Management Approach
  • Product Description
  • Quality Responsibilities
  • Quality Register
  • Quality Control – Quality Methods
  • Quality Review Technique
  • Quality Review Team Roles
  • Quality Review Technique
  • Tailoring Quality
  • Module Summary
Change Theme
  • Change Theme – Learning Objectives
  • Change Theme and the Principles
  • Management Products and Baselines
  • Why Manage Change?
  • Change Control Approach
  • Types of Issue
  • Issue and Change Control
  • Change Authority and Change Budget
  • Issue and Change Control Procedure Technique
  • Issue Register and Issue Report
  • Configuration or Asset Management
  • Tailoring Change
  • Module Summary
Progress Theme 
  • Progress Theme – Learning Objectives
  • Progress Theme and the Principles
  • Delegating Authority via Tolerance
  • Project Controls
  • Decision Points for Progress Control
  • Control Types and Baselines
  • Workpackage – Baseline for Control
  • Management Products for Reporting
  • Checkpoint Report
  • Highlight Report
  • Exception Report
  • Raising Exceptions
  • Tailoring Progress
  • Module Summary
Exam Preparation
  • Examination Approaches – Learning Objectives
  • Foundation Examination
  • Foundation Examination – Types of Questions
  • Practitioner Examination Format
  • How to Approach the Examination
  • Learning Summary