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Python Programming

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Python Certification will assist you in mastering the concepts of Python and its libraries like SciPy, Matplotlib, Scikit-Learn, Pandas, NumPy, Lambda functions, and Web Scraping. Learn how to write Python Programming for Big Data systems such as Spark and Hadoop.
Python certification is suitable for beginners, intermediate learners as well as Python experts. Learn Python from scratch and work on real-world projects and case studies to get extensive hands-on experience.
Over the course duration, interact with the instructors in real-time, that is, listen, learn, interact, question, and apply."

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Welche Ziele verfolgt der Kurs?

1. Install Python
2. Master Python fundamentals
3. Data Structures
4. Conditional Statements
5. Modules
6. Regular Expressions
7. Object Oriented Programming
8. Master Python best practices

Ist dieser Kurs für mich?

1. Web developers, programmers, engineers, big data scientist, etc 2. Professionals who want strengthen their knowledge of python
3. Suited for beginners and experienced professionals

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An Expert from Knowledgehut will take it forward.

Voraussetzungen: Knowledge of basic programming concepts Knowledge of object-oriented concepts will be beneficial





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1.intro to python: History of Python
  • Why to use Python?
  • Starting Python
  • Interpreter PATH
  • Using the Interpreter
  • Python Scripts on UNIX/Windows
2. python installation: Python Editors and IDEs
  • Install Anaconda
3. String operation: String Operations
  • Data Types & Variables
  • Commonly used Operators
4. Data structures in python: Arrays
  • Lists
  • Tuples
  • Dictionaries
  • Sets
5.control & Loop Statements in python: For Loop  
  • While Loop                
  • Break Statement  
  • Next Statements  
  • Repeat Statement  
  • if, if…else Statements  
  • Switch Statement
6. Functions & Classes in python : Writing your own functions (UDF)
  • Calling Python Functions                 
  • Functions with Arguments
  • Calling Python Functions by passing Arguments
  • Lambda Functions
7. using modules: The Import Statement
  • Module Search Path
  • Package Installation Ways
8. Regular expression : RE Objects
  • Pattern matching
  • Parsing data
  • Subexpressions
  • Complex substitutions
  • RE tips and tricks
9. Introduction to Python Classes
  • Defining Classes
  • Initializers
  • Instance Methods
  • Properties
  • Class Methods and Data
  • Static Methods
  • Private Methods and Inheritance
  • Module Aliases
10. Case study : Study Use Cases to explore Python