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Learn the science behind relationships
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Relationship Science

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International Open Academy

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Have you suffered from the feeling of loneliness, as though you would like to find a partner to join you in your journey through life? Perhaps you’ve found your soul mate, yet feel the “spark” that once ignited as slowly burned low due to the daily pressures of life. No matter your relationship status, this course in the topic of relationship science will give you the tools you need to approach romantic relationships in a manner conducive of honoring your own well being as well as caring for another person completely.

Throughout this course in relationship science, you will learn the importance of understanding the topics and issues related to relationships, attraction, seduction, intimacy and more.

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By completing this educational course in relationship science, you will walk away with a better understanding of yourself and others that will benefit you in your current and future romantic relationships. Some of the essential takeaways from this course will be in the discussion of:

Setting meaningful goals in romance while maintaining boundaries and having realistic expectations
Various personality types that compliment one another or combat one another
Ways to reflect on your behaviors and attitudes and adjust them in ways that make you the desirable person people want to be close to
Opportunities for putting yourself out there and getting into the dating scene
Etiquette, conversation starters, and date ideas for new relationships
How to keep your romantic flame burning, in matters of intimacy, togetherness, and camaraderie with your partner
Tools for working with your partner to strengthen your bond in the most difficult of times
Planning for long term futures together and resources you can utilize to get you there
With a concentrated effort in the topics of self improvement, communication, and effort, participants of this e learning course Module will quickly find that the way potential and current partners see us is within our control. Through discipline, motivation, and thoughtfulness, you can utilize the tools demonstrated throughout our course Modules to be a better husband or wife, girlfriend or boyfriend, life partner, or overall person. While finding love after taking this course is not guaranteed, you will certainly walk away from this with a greater understanding of yourself and a grasp on the psychology behind relationships and how to make your own ones thrive.

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Terry Kelsey
Das Beste: I took an ASL course before where the instructor who was deaf mainly showed us the alphabet and conversational movements. The course was great.
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Kurs abgeschlossen: Juli 2018
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Was lernen Sie in diesem Kurs?

Relationship Counselling
Coaching Skills
Personal Effectiveness
Listening Skills
Relationship Building
Communication Skills
Personality Test
Relation Management


Course Programme

Module 1: Introduction to relationship science
1.1 What is relationship science?
1.2 Mindfulness and self awareness
1.3 Setting personal relationship goals
1.4 Expectations and boundaries

Module 2: Attraction, compatibility, and seduction
2.1 The laws of attraction
2.2 Personality types and compatibility
2.3 The art of seduction
2.4 Presenting your best self to the world

Module 3: Body language
3.1 How body language can change messages and perceptions
3.2 Gestures
3.3 Facial expressions
3.4 Body movement and postures

Module 4: Where and how to meet your future partner
4.1 Meeting that “special someone”
4.2 Places to meet potential romantic partners
4.3 Dating agencies and speed dating
4.4 Social media and online dating

Module 5: The first date
5.1 Taking the initiative
5.2 First date etiquette
5.3 Conversation starters
5.4 Where do you take it from here?

Module 6: Topics in dating
6.1 Commitment and communication
6.2 Integrating sex and intimacy into the equation
6.3 Introducing your partner to family and friends
6.4 Single parents and involving children in the relationship
6.5 Moving in together and other long term commitments

Module 7: Relationship concerns
7.1 Arguments and how to deal with them
7.2 Jealousy and adultery
7.3 Financial issues
7.4 Options for seeking help and guidance
7.5 Acknowledging when the relationship just isn’t going to work

Module 8: Looking toward the future
8.1 Marriage
8.2 Family
8.3 Keeping the romance alive
8.4 Maintaining a healthy sex life
8.5 Mutual respect, compromise, and support