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      Sage 50 Accounts 2017 Complete Course- Beginner to Advanced - CPD Certified

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      Sage 50 accounts are the premium business management software in demand at the moment for small to medium sized businesses around United Kingdom. This software is designed to help you manage your company’s accounting needs in a simple and straightforward manner. But if you want to utilize this great product, you need to know how to use it right; and that is why we have created this Sage 50 Accounts 2017 Complete Course- Beginner to Advanced for you.

      This course has it all starting from the basics to advanced level instructions to help you master the Sage 50 accounts program. You will learn basic things like setting up the program, using the user interface and basic management of company details; until you move onto more advanced stuff like utilizing quotes and implementing customer discounts in different ways. You will also discover clear objectives in every chapter in order to help you identify the key points.

      Overall this is a great course as the Sage 50 softwares can help you save money and time, which can be better utilized to grow your business. So if you want all your accounting related problems to go away, get this course now.

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      For beginners who are getting started with handling accounts.

      People who are interested in managing accounts through Sage 50 software.

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      On receiving your request an academic officer from the course will call you to explain everything about the course, including how you can sign up, payment options and enrollment periods.

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      Voraussetzungen: Our Sage 50 Accounts Complete Course-Beginner to Advanced is fully compatible with any kind of device. Whether you are using Windows computer, Mac, smartphones or tablets, you will get the same experience while learning. Besides that, you will be able to access the course with any kind of internet connection from anywhere at any time without any kind of limitation.

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      Sage 50 accounts
      Financial Training
      Sales Training


      Course Curriculum: Sage 50 Accounts for Beginner

      Module 1: Program Basics– Set up your program, discover more about the user interface such as toolbar and keyboard options

      Module 2: Restoring and Backing-up Data – Learn about data storage, creating back-ups and restoring them

      Module 3: Basic Setting and Details – Manage financial dates, company details and program dates

      Module 4: The Chart of Accounts – Create, modify and review chart of accounts

      Module 5: Bank Receipts – Enter bank receipts

      Module 6: Bank Payments – Oversee VAT, overheads, assets and bank payments

      Module 7: Financials – Observe the financial state of your company

      Module 8: Customers – Add new customers, use the new customer wizard, and manage their details

      Module 9: Suppliers – Add and edit supplier records

      Module 10: Working with Lists – Utilize lists to sort out records

      Module 11: Batch Invoices – Create customer invoices, check bank accounts and nominals

      Module 12: Service Invoices – Create service, manage line and invoice

      Module 13: Processing Invoices – Process invoices and update ledgers

      Module 14: Product and Services – Duplicate, add items, services and products

      Module 15: Stock Control – Control your stocks through adjustments, activity and returns

      Module 16: Product Invoices – Invoice management for products utilizing multiple platforms

      Module 17: Product Credit Notes – Create credit notes

      Module 18: Reviewing Your Accounts – Review the financial state of your company

      Module 19: Aged Debtors and Statements – Analyse account balances, aged debtors, statements and customer communication history

      Module 20: Customer Receipts – Allocate receipts automatically, manually or partially using discounts and payments on account

      Module 21: Customer Activity – Observe customer activity

      Module 22: Supplier Batch Invoices – Add new suppliers, their account balances and batch invoices

      Module 23: Supplier Payments – Record and observe supplier payments, activity, print remittance and cheques

      Module 24: More about the Nominal Ledger – Journal entries, nominal code activity, ledger graphs and records

      Module 25: More about bank accounts – Learn about bank transfers, combined payments and petty cash transactions

      Module 26: Using the Cash Register – Recording and depositing with the cash register

      Module 27: Bank Reconciliation – Reconcile bank account and carry out group transactions

      Module 28: Recurring Entries – Recurring entry processes including bank set up, adding journals, and deleting recurring entries

      Module 29: VAT Returns – Produce, make, print, reconcile and complete VAT related transactions

      Module 30: More About Reports – Follow the audit trail, period trial balance, profit and loss, and the balance sheet report

      Module 31: Using Dashboards – Use the dashboards effectively

      Sage 50 Accounts Intermediate Level

      Module 1: Prepayments and Accruals – Setting up, processing and deleting prepayments & accruals.

      Module 2: Fixed Assets & Depreciation – Understand the difference between assets and depreciation and their relationship in multiple forms.

      Module 3: Delivery Address – Manage Company and customer’s delivery addresses

      Module 4: Purchase Orders – Learn how to enter, edit, duplicate, print and process purchase orders

      Module 5: Memorising Purchase Orders – Memorise and recall purchase orders

      Module 6: Recording Deliveries – Manage delivery system for your clients on an elaborate scale

      Module 7: More About Purchase Orders – Utilizing purchase orders in reference to supplier invoice and reports

      Module 8: BOMs & Product Transfer – Create and Check BOMs and manage product transfers

      Module 9: Product Pricing Options – Provide special prices, create, delete and move customers in price lists

      Module 10: Sales Orders – Enter and manage sales orders, discounts and goods

      Module 11: Recurring Sales Orders – Create, process and edit recurring sales orders

      Module 12: Processing Sales Orders – Print, change, report sales orders and allocate stock, use Shortfall feature and much more

      Module 13: Using Filters and Search – Use, set, save and clear filter options

      Module 14: Credit Control – Learn about credit control basics

      Module 15: Chasing Debts and Debt Analysis – Understand the chase debt view, send statements, account letters, add a communication and debt analysis

      Module 16: Disputed Invoices – Recording disputes with customers, setting up dispute reasons, apply dispute in an invoice and clearing it

      Module 17: Customer Refunds – Enter payment, process refunds and check transaction details

      Module 18: Late Payment Legislation – Set up system for late payment, setting the customer record for credit charges, using credit charges wizard, and checking transaction details

      Module 19: Writing Off Bad Debts –Write off bad debt, delete recurring sales and setting inactive flags

      Module 20: Cash Flow Forecasting – Cash flow forecast, include and exclude bank accounts, sales and purchases

      Sage 50 Accounts Advanced Level

      Module 1: Company Review – Reviewing customer receipts, batch payments, and VAT reconciliation

      Module 2: Cost of Sales (Closing Stock) – Calculating cost of sales, stock value, utilizing stock wizard

      Module 3: Importing Data – importing customer records and other data

      Module 4: Batch and Global Changes – Using batch changes and global changes on sales prices and from a supplier

      Module 5: Customer Discounts – Discounts by invoice value, product quantity, copying a discount matrix, applying discounts to customer records and other discount methods

      Module 6: Quotations –Learn about quotations and converting them, create a quotation and service quotes, and print quotations

      Module 7: Winning and Losing Quotations – Winning and losing quotes, opening lost quotation and winning it, ordering stock and processing converted invoices

      Module 8: Pro Froma Invoices – Creating a formal invoice, processing a payment on account, converting a pro from to a real invoice and allocating payment on account

      Module 9: Contra Entries – Adding supplier invoice and entering contra entries

      Module 10: The Audit Trail – Viewing and clearing audit trail, exporting to excel, printing audit trail report, and locking the date to prevent postings