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      Sage 50 Payroll 2017 Complete Course - CPD Certified

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      Sage 50 is the new craze within the small to medium-sized businesses that have taken over the UK institutions. There are a lot of expenses that go on behind the scenes of managing a business or a startup that people aren’t normally aware of. That is why this Sage 50 Payroll 2017 Complete Course can help you manage your business easily while maintaining constant growth.

      As the name suggests, this course allows you to go through an intensive boot camp which teaches you most of the use of these programs. You will be able to conduct your accounting and payroll needs quickly and efficiently. Furthermore, each unit comes with its own objectives, which helps you know exactly what you will be getting out of them. Using this software will also help you take care of these simple administrative tasks without spending much money and time, which in turn will help you focus more on your business.

      These programs are almost a necessity in these times given that everyone is trying to save money. So if you think your business could use the boost up, then get this course immediately to learn how to use Sage 50 software.

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      Was lernen Sie in diesem Kurs?

      Payroll Management
      Payroll Basics
      Workplace Pensions
      Linking Payroll to Accounts
      Pension Scheme Basics
      Adding Existing Employees


      Course Curriculum:

      Sage 50 Payroll for Beginners

      Module 1: Payroll Basics – Setting up payroll, tax codes, month end, reports, keeping records, licence limitations and links to an accounts program

      Module 2: Company Settings – Details, bank & coinage, absence, analysis, tax funding, statutory funding, HMRC payments, documents

      Module 3: Legislation Settings – Legislation setting dialog box, PAYE, NI bands & rates, SSP, SMP/SAP/SPP/ShPP, car details, student, AEO rates, minimum wage, childcare, automatic enrolment

      Module 4: Pension Scheme Basics – Pensions schemes dialog box, setting up pension scheme, pensions regulator website and the sage 50 payroll pensions module

      Module 5: Pay Elements – Pay elements settings dialog box, managing payment and deduction types, loans, net payments, salary sacrifice

      Module 6: The Processing Date – Changing the processing date

      Module 7: Adding Existing Employees – Using quick employee, adding multiple employees, changing their status, updating year-to-date values

      Module 8: Adding New Employees –Adding new employees in a variety of ways

      Module 9: Payroll Processing Basics – Payroll process view, change processing dates

      Module 10: Entering Payments – Entering payment window, checking and editing payments

      Module 11: Pre-Update Reports – Employer costs report, payslips, BACS payments reports, figures for accounts

      Module 12: Updating Records – Updating records, period end P32 report

      Module 13: e-Submissions Basics – e-submissions settings, EAS, FPS, EPS

      Module 14: Process Payroll (November) – Entering payments, pre-update reports, updating records, P32 reports, full payment submission

      Module 15: Employee Records and Reports – Using employee record window, tabs and to find employee and their reports

      Module 16: Editing Employee Records – Editing different records for employees, creating new factored pay elements, applying pay elements to employees

      Module 17: Process Payroll (December) – Processing the payroll, entering payments, pre-update reports, updating records, P32 report and Full payment submission

      Module 18: Resetting Payments – Introduction to reset payments wizard

      Module 19: Quick SSP – Processing the payroll with SSP, entering payments, pre-update reports, updating records, P32 report and full payment submission

      Module 20: An Employee Leaves – Entering payments, updating records, lever wizard, P32 report, full payment submission, rejoining employees

      Module 21: Final Payroll Run – Entering payments, pre-update reports, updating records, P32 report, full payment submissions

      Module 22: Reports and Historical Data – Reports window, employee, company, legislation and historical reports, historical data settings, printing historical payslips and history report by employee

      Module 23: Year-End Procedures – Year end tasks, payroll year end wizard, post year-end tasks

      Sage 50 Payroll Intermediate Level

      Module 1: The Outline View and Criteria – View by department and payment method, payment period and payment method, and resetting criteria

      Module 2: Global Changes – See the affects of global changes to pay period and pay method, tax codes, and pay rates

      Module 3: Timesheets – Using and resetting timesheets, processing payroll and changing process dates

      Module 4: Departments and Analysis – Focus on managing new and old departments and their employees, analysis in different platforms

      Module 5: Holiday Schemes – Reviewing holiday schemes, adding new ones, arranging national holidays and managing employee holiday schemes

      Module 6: Recording Holidays – Recoding holidays, removing absence days, checking holiday records, holiday scheme reports

      Module 7: Absence Reasons – Customize absence reasons, recording absence, different examples, reducing pay for unauthorised absence and absence reports

      Module 8: Statutory Sick Pay – Working with patterns and absence year, SSP qualifications, rates, reports, and utilizing quick SSP dialog box

      Module 9: Statutory Maternity Pay – SMP rates, payment, managing maternity details, processing payroll, other parental leave, changing the processing date and more

      Module 10: Student Loans – Setting up and processing student loan repayments for employees

      Module 11: Company Cars – Adding new cars, keeping track of business trips, processing payroll, car reports and taxation

      Module 12: Workplace Pensions – Payroll pension module, automatic enrolment, reviewing pension scheme details, reports and more

      Module 13: Holiday Funds – Managing holiday fund payments, processing payroll, paying out from the holiday fund, holiday fund reports and more

      Module 14: Roll Back – Mistakes and payroll processing, roll back the payroll for selected employees, correcting mistakes and processing required change

      Module 15: Passwords and Access Rights –Setting up passwords, new users, testing admin profile, changing personal password, deleting user accounts

      Module 16: Options and Links – Contacts, program options, WebLinks

      Module 17: Linking Payroll to Accounts – Nominal link setting dialog box, linking data