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Self Realisation

Acorn to Oak
In New Milton (England)
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Ort New milton (England)
Beginn 06/07/2019
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  • New milton (England)
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Work towards self-realisation with this new course recently added in Emagister catalogue! The Self Realisation programme focuses on the energy developed during the Reiki Three Pathway.

The program helps you channel this energy into your daily life. You will receive tools to work towards self-realisation in your Reiki Practice. It helps you know better yourself and each part of you, allowing you to gain key life skills and making the transition to Reiki Mastership

Learn how to channel your energy with this incredible course! Visit and discover how!

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This weekend is for anyone who is interested in devloping and having an experience of the totality of self.

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One of the team at Acorn to Oak will be in contact to answer any questions you have on the course and how to book.

Voraussetzungen: Reiki One, Reiki Two.

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Beginn Lage
06 Jul 2019
New Milton
Hampshire, England
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Beginn 06 Jul 2019
New Milton
Hampshire, England
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Was lernen Sie in diesem Kurs?

Life Coaching
Personal Effectiveness
Alternative Medicine
Life Philosophy
Personal Development
Reiki Symbols
Alternative Health
Healing Sounds
Meditation Position
Breath Excercise


What we will teach you and What you will experience

  •  Be able to describe, with reference to their Reiki practice, their understanding of Self-Realisation
  •  Be able to discuss their understanding of a soul purpose
  •  Be able to describe the concept of Dharma
  •  Have an experience of Bardo
  •  Gain an understanding of your life purpose
  •  Be able to describe the characteristics of a Spiritual Warrior
  •  Start to consider how to know, understand and live within Spiritual law
  •  Consider what this may mean to you
  •  Develop a plan to move from 'Talking the Talk' to 'Walking the Walk' and finally to 'Walking your own Walk'
  •  Discover other tools which will help them to process their own stuff 
  •   Self-realisation in the bigger sense
  •  What is a Soul Purpose, what is Dharma?
  •  The process of incarnation
  •  Where does your Soul sing most?
  •  Understanding the lessons that are the priority to you in this incarnation
  •  The duties/characteristics of a Spiritual Warrior
 Other toolsBreathwork, Spiritual Response Therapy. Relevant Spiritual Laws in Relationship to Self-Realisation.

  •  The Law of Vibration
  •  The Law of Miracles
  •  The Law of Healing
  •  The Law of Purification
  •  The Law of Perspective
  •  The Law of Gratitude
  •  The Law of Blessings
  •  The Law of Decree
  •  The Law of Faith
  •  The Law of Grace
  •  The Law of One