Special education needs diploma (level 2,3&4) online training course


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** Updated February 2018 **

Are you interested in working with people who have special needs, especially when it comes to dealing with their education? Would you like to experience the amazing feeling of knowing that you have helped an individual with specific needs to overcome adversity and to be able to teach them brand new skills? If so, then our Special Education Needs course will be perfect for any individual seeking a brand new career change allowing you to work within this field to a satisfactory standard.

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Special Education
Online training
CPD Accredited
Online Course
CPD course
CPD Accredited Online Course
CPD Short course
CPD Training
24x7 CPD


Course Content

                                              • Module 1: Introduction to Special Education Needs
                                              • Module 2 : The History and Evolution of SEN
                                              • Module 3 : Constructivist Theories of Learning
                                              • Module 4 : SEN Code of Practice
                                              • Module 5 : SENCO Support for SEN Students
                                              • Module 6 : The Different Types of Needs
                                              • Module 7 : Identification, Assessment and Support of SEN Pupils
                                              • Module 8 : Behaviours: Reasons and Restorative Practices
                                              • Module 9 : Understanding Sensory Impairments and Physical Disabilities
                                              • Module 10 : Understanding and Addressing Difficulties in Cognition and Learning
                                              • Module 11 : Speech, Language, and Common Communication Issues
                                              • Module 12 : Learning Difficulties: Autism
                                              • Module 13 : Learning Difficulties – Dyslexia
                                              • Module 14 : Learning Difficulties: Dyspraxia
                                              • Module 15: Learning Difficulties: Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD)
                                              • Module 16: The Importance of SEN Knowledge
                                              • Module 17: Specific Learning Difficulties
                                              • Module 18: Psychological Perspectives on Behaviour
                                              • Module 19 : Understanding and Managing Anger
                                              • Module 20 : Teaching Approaches and Strategies
                                              • Module 21 : Educational Outcomes
                                              • Module 22 : Every Teacher’s Responsibility