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Home based distance learning. This A-level can be completed from home with full support for a maximum of one year.

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Aimed at students looking to further their interest in this specific area or those looking to gain UCAS points for UNI.

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Aimed at students looking to enter higher education.

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Once your information is received one of our course advisers will provide you with further information via email or telephone.

Voraussetzungen: Students are recommended to posses the ability to read and write english to GCSE standards, Mathematics knowledge also to GCSE level and be over 16 years of age.

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Das Beste: I absolutely prescribe the UK Open College organization to anybody needing to take in another subject or one suitable for their employment. The document I got for my course was generous and gave a considerable measure of data to help me examine and my online guide Kerry was phenomenal. My input was emailed to me rapidly and Kerrys remarks were exceptionally useful. On the whole, I had an exceptionally positive affair and will utilize UK Open College once more.
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Learning and Development
Learning Processes
A Level
Classical civilisation
Personal skills
Personal skills


AS Level:
Unit 1:  Homer's Odyssey and Society 
Unit 2: Greek Tragedy in its Context

A2 Level:
Unit 3: Art and Architecture in the Greek World 
Unit 4: Virgil and the World of the Hero

In terms of a time scale, Classical Greece is usually considered to be the 5th and 4th centuries, specifically the period between the end of the Persian Wars to the death of Alexander the Great: 479-323 BC. The Roman period is more difficult to pin down to specific dates. Most universities will start with the beginnings of Roman expansion into Italy in the early 5th century and run to Alaric’s sack of Rome in 410 AD. This course is designed to allow you to study at your own pace and is designed to develop an interest and understanding of Classical Civilisation.

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Students have a maximum of one year to complete. Course duration approx. 700 hours.