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Sustainable Leadership in the 21st Century

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Would you like to start a cross-cultural education? If that is the case, this programme is made for you!

The Summer School is located in the natural paradise of Bifröst Village in West Iceland, right between a volcano and a glacier. Students are accommodated in comfortable single and double rooms at the program´s beautiful campus on the shore of Lake Hreðarvatn.

The Summer School gives students Leadership training and prepares them for the challenges that future leaders will face. Follow the link you have on and you will find all the information you need about this course without any obligation.

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Leaders of the future will be faced with challenging tasks in an increasingly complex and interconnected world. The course will explore emerging ideas about leadership and provide practical training in leadership. The Nordic Leadership Model and Servant Leadership will be in special focus. Sustainability and social responsibility will be discussed and the role of entrepreneurship and innovation will be examined. The course will include both academic lectures and discussion periods and more practical approaches that will include assignments, group work and field trips.



Bifröst (Iceland)
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Háskólinn á Bifröst


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Team Leadership
Communication Skills
Team Leader
Social Skills
Team management


Course Programme

  • Students can explain basic concepts of innovation and entrepreneurship and are capable of assessing the importance of sustainability and social responsibility in future development.
  • Students can describe and explain key approaches in leadership and link them to topics associated with social responsibility, innovation and entrepreneurship.
  • Students can demonstrate knowledge on leadership and participate in discussion of the most relevant concepts and ideas related to leadership, social responsibility, innovation and entrepreneurship.
  • Students have skills to apply different leadership approaches in practical settings.
  • Students can participate actively in creativity sessions, formulate their ideas, and communicate them with others.

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Students at our partner universities get 25% discount. 

Early bird discount is available if applied before February 1st 2017.

The early bird discount is 10%Groups of 5 students or more get 10% discount.

The maximum discount a single student can get is 25%.

The application deadline is June 15, 2018.

*Late applications will be considered.