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Tourism has become a major recreation pursuit, and commercial industry world wide. It is so significant today that some regions (even some countries) economies, are more heavily dependent upon tourism than anything else.

The tourism industry encompasses the provision of all those services used by people when travelling away from home. The reason for travel is most obviously "a holiday"; but may also be "business".

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Distance Learning
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Distance Learning

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Hospitality Management
Tourism Development
Tourism Hospitality
Tourism Hospitality Management
Tourism Industry
Travel Tourism
Hospitality Marketing


Lesson Structure: Tourism I BTR103

Travel Industry Overview/Introduction:
Holiday travel, Business travel, Resources, Components of travel (Accommodation, Transport, Food, Luggage/what to take, Health, Money, etc)
Local, State, Interstate, International; health before departure.
Money, Insurance & Legalities:
Credit cards, travellers cheques, exchange rates, International driving, quarantine laws, Islamic law, political concerns, tariffs, duty free, departure taxes etc.
Airline reservations : International Air Transport Assn, Aircraft types, Flight information, transfers, time zones, passports, visas, baggage, travelling with animals, making a reservation, etc.
Car Rental : Types of hire cars, reading manuals, different road rules, making reservations, cost structures, etc
Other, boat (ferries, cruising), bus, rail etc
Camping, Caravans, Tents, B & B's & Guesthouses, Hotels, Youth Hostels, Resorts, etc
Package Tours
Travel Agency Systems
Ethics, Tourist organisations, Client records and accounts procedures, etc.
Special Project - planning a trip
Learning Goals: Tourism I BTR103

Describe the nature and scope of the tourism industry.
Recommend tourism destinations relevant to client needs.
Advise a client on planning for unforseen circumstances on a trip, such as financial, legal and insurance issues.
Explain the operation of airlines, including booking procedures.
Explain the operation of car rental services, including booking procedures.
Explain the operation of other transport services, including shipping, bus and rail.
Explain the operation of accommodation options to a client
Advise a client on package tour options, to satisfied their specified requirements.
Determine appropriate operational systems for management of a tourism service.
Consolidate available information and resources to plan a trip.

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