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      Ultimate Massage Therapist Diploma Level 3 - CPD Certified & IAO Accredited

      Adams Academy

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      Do you want to be an expert masseuse? Discover all you can about having a career as a massage therapist. Learn new ways to improve your skills in this massage therapist course.
      Massage therapists use touch to treat clients’ injuries and to promote general wellness. They use their hands, fingers, forearms, joints, and sometimes feet to knead muscles and soft tissues of the body. Discover different types of massage such as Swedish massage, deep-tissue massage, and sports massage in this course. This course provides a guide on how you can improve as well as learn new masseuse techniques. Learn different types of massages and be a competent massage therapist.

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      There is no experience or previous qualifications required for enrolment on this course. It is available to all students of all academic backgrounds.

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      On receiving your request an academic officer from the course will call you to explain everything about the course, including how you can sign up, payment options and enrollment periods

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      Was lernen Sie in diesem Kurs?

      Baby Massage
      Hot Stone Massage
      Art of Blending
      Application of Essential Oils
      Application of Essential Oils



      Massage Therapy

      Introduction to Massage Therapy
      Massage History
      The Role of A Massage Therapist
      Tissues, Organs, & Neuromuscular systems
      General Benefits of Massage
      Indian Head Massage
      Facial Massage
      Neck Massage
      Back Massage
      Full Body Massage
      Swedish Massage
      Sports Massage
      LomiLomi Massage
      Anti-Cellulite Massage
      Hot Stone Massage
      Thai Foot Massage
      Prenatal Massage
      Medical Massage
      Baby Massage
      Trigger Point Therapy
      Thai Massage
      How A Massage Therapist Can Start A Business
      Marketing Your Business
      Complimentary Massages
      Building Your Clientele
      Other Ways To Market Your Business
      Conclusion to Massage

      Massage Therapy with Aroma

      What is Aromatherapy?
      History of Aromatherapy
      The Definition of Aromatherapy
      What are Essential Oils?
      Essential Oil Safety Information
      Administration of Essential Oils
      The Art of Blending
      Blending Basics
      Harmonizing Your Blend
      Aromatherapy Baths
      Aromatherapy for Stress
      Aromatherapy for Children
      Application of Essential Oils
      Table of the Basic Methods of Use of Essential Oils
      The Holistic Approach
      Understanding Disease / Pathology
      The Benefits of a Holistic Aromatherapy Treatment

      Acupressure & Massage

      How Acupressure Works
      Locating A Pressure Point
      Acupressure Techniques
      How To Apply Pressure
      Things To Be Careful Of
      Acupressure For Specific Problems
      If You Feel It’s Not Working
      Practical Self Massage
      Handheld Massagers