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Tipologie Short course
Niveau Intermediate
Methodologie Online
Dauer 4 Weeks
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  • Short course
  • Intermediate
  • Online
  • Dauer:
    4 Weeks
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  • Online Campus
  • Versendung von Lernmaterial
  • Beratungsservice
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Waxing is a highly popular service that keeps skin looking and feeling smoother for longer. Follow the Ultimate Waxing Course offered by Emagister and endorsed by Cleva Me and learn different waxing techniques you can use to start your own business!

This course starts with an introduction to the beauty service industry, that can help both beginners and advanced therapists boost their business. You will learn two waxing techniques: warm waxing and hot waxing. You will learn the differences and advantages of each one, as well as the materials, equipment and correct preparation, application and aftercare procedures. This will allow you to safely remove hair from arms and legs, as well as more sensitive areas like eyebrows, lip, chin, underarm and bikini.

The course is delivered through video and eBook materials that you will find in our dedicated portal, where you can also contact our professional tutors should you have any questions. And since your portal access will be for life, you can review the course materials any time you need to.

Enrol in this course and earn your wax therapist certificate by contacting ClevaMe through !

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Welche Ziele verfolgt der Kurs?

This multi-buy course (2 courses in 1) includes the most popular waxing treatments, saving you when you buy them together:

Course 1: Basic Waxing

Waxing is a very popular service and completing this waxing course will enable you to start your own business or work within a salon and start earning money!

This waxing course will allow you to apply and remove the wax safely and professionally from the entire body including:

lip & chin

Course 2: Hot Waxing

This course is the perfect add on to your existing skills as a therapist. Hot waxing was the original type of waxing and has been used within the industry for a very long time over the last few years the techniques and products have been re-developed and it has come back into the industry with a boom making it the new must have treatment to offer. It’s perfect for working over those coarse stubborn hairs often found on the bikini and underarm areas, which often warm wax just doesn’t remove. When applied and removed correctly this technique is much more comfortable for the client and there is certainly less skin reaction great for sensitive skin too.

This course will teach you the application and removal techniques of hot waxing and explain the benefits of working with it over warm wax. So why not train today and be able to offer your clients more effective and less painful hair removal treatments.

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Once you purchase the course you will get instant access to our Award Winning Online Education Platform which houses your tutorial videos and eBooks. Our courses are available on desktops, tablets and mobiles so you can learn anywhere, anyhow.

Each course will have a number of modules and within those modules will be units. Each unit will have a specific video to watch, an area associated with the eBook which is clearly laid out and a set of multiple choice questions for you to complete. Once you have completed the questions and get the desired pass mark the next unit will open for you. You can take the multiple choice questions as many times as you wish with full support from your tutor where needed. This guided way of learning ensures you gain and then retain our expert knowledge.

After you have completed all the units in a module, that module will be marked as complete and the next one will open.

At the end of all the modules you will be asked to upload evidence of work to your online workbook. These are before and after photos of your work which will then be reviewed by your tutor who will feedback to you areas for improvement or pass you on the course.

Once you have passed the course, your Diploma Certificate will be available for download via the portal and stored for you. You have LIFETIME access to the portal so you can return at anytime using your tutorials and eBooks as a reference.

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Was lernen Sie in diesem Kurs?

Client Care
Health & Safety
Clients and deal
Promoting Products
Infection and contamination
Prevent infection


Module 1: Foundation

12 Module Units

In this module are the following Units, a description of each unit is below:

Personal Standards and Practice

In this unit you will learn the importance of personal standards and what is expected of you as a professional working within the industry.


In this unit you will learn the basic hygiene rules to be followed, how to prevent cross infection and contamination, what sanatisation and steriliation is and what methods to use as well as contagious skin condition.

Effective Communication with Clients

In this unit you will learn about customer and client care, how to build relationships with clients, how to effectively communicate with clients and deal with client dissatisfaction. We will also cover client consultation which is an important aspect for all professionals.

Business Promotion

In this unit you will be provided with business ideas, how to price treatments as well as how to work within a salon and as a self employed therapist.

Preparation of the Work Area

In this unit you will learn how to create a comfortable and professional work area covering the four basic pr

Health & Safety Legislations

In this unit you will learn how to take care of all in the workplace as well as the latest health and safety legislations to ensure you are working in compliance and safely.


In this unit you will learn the importance of insurance and how to gain it, disposal of waste and data protection act.

Being effective at Work

In this unit you will learn job roles, responsibilities and working relationships as well as communication, effective teamwork and development within job roles

Promoting Products & Services

In this unit you will learn the importance of retail sales, positive product promotion and sales techniques

Retail Specific Legislation

In this unit you will learn all the current legislations specific to retail, product promotion and gaining client feedback

Reception Duties

In this unit you will learn the importance of maintaining the reception area, the roles of a receptionist as well as patch testing

Taking Payments & Methods

In this unit you will learn how to deal with different payment methods and taking payments from clients

Detailed Foundation eBook

12 Module Videos

Module 2: Anatomy and Physiology

9 Module Units

Detailed Anatomy and Physiology eBook

9 Module Videos

Module 3: Skin Healthcare

2 Module Units

In this module are the following Units, a description of each unit is below:

Skin Types

In this unit you will learn the different skin types, about ethnic skin types as well as disorders of pigmentation

Skin Diseases / Disorders

In this unit you will learn the different skin diseases and disorders

Detailed Skin Healthcare eBook

3 Module Videos

Module 4: Waxing

4 Module Units

In this module are the following Units, a description of each unit is below:

What is waxing

In this unit you will learn the history of waxing and benefits of waxing, when to begin waxing and the different types of wax available finishing with alternative methods of hair removal.

Preparation & Client

In this unit you will learn specific contra-indications to waxing, possible contra-actions and client consultation/preparation

Equipment & Products

In this unit you will learn the equipment and products required for waxing along with information on their safe use, treatment areas and industry times/prices followed by aftercare advise.

Waxing Procedure

In this unit you will learn how to prepare and setup the working area as well as the correct treatment procedure

Detailed Waxing eBook

4 Module Videos

Module 5: Hot Wax

5 Module Units

In this module are the following Units, a description of each unit is below:


In this unit you will learn what hot waxing is and how you can use it


In this unit you will learn how to correctly prepare for a hot wax treatment

Equipment and Products

In this unit you will learn what products and equipment are required to complete a hot wax treatment

Waxing Procedure

In this unit you will learn the correct procedure for carrying out a hot wax treatment


In this unit you will learn the correct aftercare advise to provide to your clients

Detailed Hot Wax eBook

5 Module Videos