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  • Seminar
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  • 24 Lehrstunden

All written business communication, whether on the screen or on paper, projects the image of your company. This workshop is given in English, but embraces all general international rules and business etiquette that should be considered in e-mail writing.
Gerichtet an: All business people who need to write e-mails in English. Do you use the same style when writing to customers and colleagues? If so, this course is for you.

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Minimum CEF level: B1 (intermediate) - determined by Logik Sprachtraining placement test.


Just because e-mail gets there faster does not mean you should spend less time preparing the detail.

Improve your electronic communication by learning:

  • to evaluate your own e-mail style
  • to write clear, concise and perfectly styled e-mail that gets to the point
  • good formatting
  • to write for the international public
  • to avoid sexist language
  • to differentiate between formal - nuetral - informal writing styles
  • good writing: sentence structure, grammar, punctuation, spelling and avoiding typical mistakes

Learn typical business phrases for:

  • giving good and bad news
  • inquiries, orders and confirmation
  • arranging appointments
  • invitations
  • directives
  • invoices and reminders
  • proposals and recommendations
  • making complaints and apologizing
  • correspondence between customer and supplyer
  • social business writing - birthday and Christmas wishes, congratulating, out of office, etc.

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Preisinformation: One lesson hour = 45 minutes. The course lasts 12 weeks each week lasting 90 minutes - 2 lesson hours. This price is for the entire group. Material and travel costs are additional.
Maximale Teilnehmerzahl: 10

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