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Upon completion of this course, you will be able to:
Build supportive relationships even when delivering negative feedback.
Avoid defensiveness and disconfirmation in interpersonal communication.
Improve the ability to apply principles of supportive communication.
Improve relationships by using personal management interviews.
Enhance personal and positional and power.
Use influence appropriately to accomplish exceptional work.
Neutralise inappropriate influence attempts.
Diagnose work performance problems.
Enhance the work-related abilities of others.
Foster a motivating work environment.
Diagnose the focus and source of conflicts.
Utilise appropriate conflict management strategies.
Resolve interpersonal confrontations through collaboration.
Increase proficiency in analytical problem solving.
Recognise personal conceptual blocks.
Enhance creativity by overcoming conceptual blocks.
Foster innovation among others.
Empower others.
Empower yourself.
Engage others effectively.
Diagnose and facilitate team development.
Build high-performance teams.
Facilitate team leadership.
Foster effective team membership.
Learn how to create positive deviance in organisations.
Develop the capability to lead positive change.
Acquire the ability to mobilise the capabilities of others in achieving positive change.
Make impactful and engaging oral presentations.
Write clearly and persuasively.
Respond appropriately to questions and challenges.
Implement guidelines for planning and conducting effective meetings.
Enhance the value of meetings attended.

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London (Grossbritannien)
Seven Pancras Square 7 King’s Boulevard Kings Cross London N1C 4AG - City of London - (London), N1C 4AG


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Heads of organisations, chief officers, chairpersons, board members and directors; heads of departments; senior managers and executives; those who wish to develop their interpersonal, group and communication skills; those who wish to develop themselves as more competent and effective managers.

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Was lernen Sie in diesem Kurs?

Team Training
Communication Training


Building Relationships by Communicating Supportively
  • Building positive interpersonal relationships
  • The importance of effective communication
  • What is supportive communication?
  • Principles of supportive communication
  • The personal management interview
Gaining Power and Influence
  • Building a strong power base and using influence wisely
  • Is power a four-letter word?
  • Abuse of power
  • Influence strategies: the three Rs
  • The pros and cons of each strategy
  • Acting assertively: neutralising influence attempts
Motivating Others
  • Increasing motivation and performance
  • Diagnosing work performance problems
  • Enhancing individuals’ abilities
  • Fostering a motivating work environment
  • Elements of an effective motivation programme
Managing Conflict
  • Interpersonal conflict management
  • Diagnosing the types of interpersonal conflict
  • Selecting the appropriate conflict management approach
  • Resolving interpersonal confrontations
Solving Problems Analytically and Creatively
  • Problems solving, creativity, and innovation
  • Steps in analytical problem solving
  • Impediments to creative problem solving
  • Multiple approaches to creativity
  • Conceptual blocks
  • Conceptual blockbusting
  • Hints for applying problem-solving techniques
  • Fostering creativity in others
Empowering and Engaging Others
  • The meaning of empowerment
  • Dimensions of empowerment
  • How to develop empowerment
  • Inhibitors to empowerment
  • Fostering engagement
Building Effective Teams and Teamwork
  • The advantages of teams
  • Team development
  • Leading teams
  • Team membership
Leading Positive Change
  • Ubiquitous and escalating change
  • The need for frameworks
  • A framework for leading positive change
Making Oral and Written Presentations
  • Essential elements of effective presentations
    • Formulate a specific strategy
    • Develop a clear structure
    • Support your points
    • Use an enhancing style
    • Style in oral communication
    • Style in written communication
    • Supplement your presentation by responding to questions and challenges
Conducting Meetings
  • Conducting effective meetings: a short guide for meeting managers and meeting participants
  • The five Ps of effective meetings
  • Suggestions for group members

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