European Desk - Camera di Commercio Belgo-Italiana

European Desk - Camera di Commercio Belgo-Italiana


Since 1950, the Belgian-Italian Chamber of Commerce is a Belgian non-profit private association recognized by the Italian Ministry for Economic Development, which offers a range of services supporting entrepreneurs and business relationships between Italy and Belgium. It has obtained the ISO 9001 quality certification.
It manages projects in the field of internationalization of enterprises, environment, education, and economic development in Central and Eastern Europe, and Latin America. The European Desk gives qualified consultancy about Community procurements and projects to enterprises, public entities, NGOs, etc. It organizes high-quality training courses focused on European policies, EU lobbying and Communitarian funds.
The Belgian-Italian Chamber of Commerce and is currently managing, both as partner and as leader, several EU funded projects.


World-wide: part of Assocamerestero (75 Chambers in 50 Countries), with projects in Latin America, Asia, and Europe. It receives funds for projects by the International Olive Oil Council.
Europe-wide: sound and wide-spread European network of contacts. It is part of the Open-Eye EU network and has been invited by the Commission to hold presentations in Brussels and France (EAIE).
Belgium: well positioned and known among Belgian entrepreneurs, through organization of business events and trade fairs.
Italy: supported by the Ministry for Economic Development. It carries on projects and activities in particular with Italian Chambers of Commerce, Trade Fairs and Universities.


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Master Policy advisor and Project Consultant in Brussels
European Desk - Camera di Commercio Belgo-Italiana
  • Master
  • Brussels (Belgien)
  • 440.0h

...The lessons and the practical planning activities will be held in English by Community Advisors who have years of experience in planning, advising and technical assistance... Lerne:: Business Management, Business Consulting... Mehr ansehen

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Kurs EU Lobbying - skills and strategies in Bruxelles
European Desk - Camera di Commercio Belgo-Italiana
  • Kurs
  • Bruxelles (Belgien)
  • 25.0h

...This session aims to create a lobby strategy, analyzing the context and the stakeholders, defining the objectives and methodologies and setting the actions to be taken... Lerne:: Enterprise Project Management... Mehr ansehen

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Alessandra  Tagliavini
Alessandra Tagliavini
EU advisor

Alessandra Tagliavini has been working as programme advisor and proposal writer with different Italian Organisations in Bologna, Naples and Rome. She worked with the Emilia-Romagna Region and with the research organisation Amitié on EC-funded projects in the field of international co-operation, non formal-education, research and innovation and childcare. She is an expert in European project drafting and management, and she also co-operates with the magazine AFRO

John Baptist  Onama
John Baptist Onama

John Baptist Onama was born in Lacor, Uganda. He has a rich background in the field of EU development co-operation policies, thanks to his direct participation in study missions and project fieldwork experiences in Kenya, Uganda, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Sweden, Ireland and Romania. Currently, he is a lecturer at the Faculty of Political Science of the University of Padua, yet he has been often called to conduct lectures on EU Project Cycle management techniques both in Italy and abroad.

Mariano  Iossa
Mariano Iossa
EU affairs and project consultant

Mariano Iossa is a EU affairs and project consultant with 10 years of experience in the field of cooperation and development, with specific experience in projects related to environment and sustainable energy. He has experience in several developing countries, such as Mauritius, Gambia, Cuba, Ghana, and Tanzania. He was previously Advisor for Action Aid in the field of Food and Trade Policy. He has also worked for the World Fair Trade Organization and for the European Free Trade Association. He is currently giving consultancy services to FAO- Food and Agricultural Organization