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We view our mission not just in terms of improving the academic knowledge and skills of students but also in terms of the development of the individual as a whole. We focus not just on theory, but also on business practice. We are internationally orientated, in terms of the make-up of our faculty, our students and the content of our programmes. We provide a high quality offering to students who value individualised attention and want an education that facilitates them in starting their business careers or moving to the next stage in their professional lives.GBCM students come from all walks of life and are diverse in terms of both their cultural and ethnic backgrounds. On average 50% of our students are German with the other 50% being international students.


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The Globe Business College is a private college located in the centre of Munich offering undergraduate and post-graduate programmes. All programmes are taught completely in the English language and the focus is on high quality, practically oriented education. Our educational concept is aimed at individuals who wish to pursue a career in the international environment or potential entrepreneurs who are interested in developing their own enterprises (or working in family-owned companies).

Globe Business College Munich