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The Hertie School of Governance also contributes to political and academic debate by organising panels, symposiums, and discussions. The School provides a platform where policy-makers, professionals, and practitioners from the media, NGOs, and business engage with academia. Aimed at both experts and broader audiences, these 'knowledge transfer' events cover a wide range of subjects linked to research and teaching at the School. Past topics include: the agenda of the G8 conference in Heiligendamm (Among other events, the HSoG coordinated the Intellectual Life8 Forum for Africa with Bob Geldof.); the challenges of multi-level governance and the design of international organisations; the future of the welfare state; and the challenges of democracy and democratic transition.


The Hertie School of Governance (HSoG) was founded in 2003 as one of the first German professional schools for public policy. It is a project of the Hertie Foundation, located in Frankfurt / Main. In February 2005, the HSoG was awarded state recognition as an institution of higher learning by the Berlin Ministry of Science, Research, and Culture (Senatsverwaltung für Wissenschaft, Forschung und Kultur). The Hertie School of Governance prepares exceptionally talented students and young professionals for leadership roles in today's rapidly changing world. Globalisation, the changing role of states, and many other factors are redefining the issues of modern governance at a tremendous pace. As a result, any meaningful understanding of contemporary leadership demands new approaches. Thanks to its innovative teaching and research programmes, the HSoG is uniquely positioned to address the complexities of a transnational world.

Hertie School of Governance GmbH