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Johan Cruyff initiated his support for elite athletes to balance sport and studies with the launching of the Johan Cruyff University Amsterdam in 1999. With discipline and perseverance 35 student-athletes completed their Bachelor in Sport Marketing. In 2010 we delivered study programs to more than 1500 students at various levels worldwide, all sharing a strong passion for sports. Currently our international network consists of 4 Institutes, 2 Universities (bachelor programs), and 5 Colleges (vocational education). The Johan Cruyff Institute has on-going projects in Peru, Brazil, Ecuador, South Africa, and the United States, among other countries.

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Sport Management for Sports People - We know that courses for athletes and sports people must accommodate their training and work schedules. We promote learning as a life-long process. Students must actively engage in creative challenges that require effort and commitment. We embrace the constantly changing global market. Our programmes guide students toward a tangible future. We teach students to analyze current and relevant issues. We also emphasise on practical sport management experience.


In line with the spirit of the sport sector, the Johan Cruyff Institute offers dynamic, innovative and practical programmes in sport management, sport marketing and related fields.


The Johan Cruyff Institute for Sports Studies aims to educate sports people from all over the world, as well as generating projects and ideas within the sports industry. Our different academic programmes and services are tailor-made for each and every reality. They have been designed by and for athletes with the aim of developing one of the best sports centres in the world. Our mission is to turn these people’s passion for sport into a profession; providing our expertise in managing sporting organizations, and offering tailor-made and quality services.

Johan Cruyff Institute