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The Universitat Internacional de Catalunya (UIC) is a private, nonprofit university that was created by the Catalan Family Foundation. Since 1997, the UIC has aimed to serve society through the provision of comprehensive, high-quality university education and the promotion of research in accordance with the principles of Christian humanism.
At present, the UIC has more than 4,500 students and offers a total of 16 university degree programmes. Our selection of Bachelor's degree programmes is complemented by a wide range of Master's, Postgraduate and Doctoral programmes and continuing education programmes that make it possible for students to broaden their training and specialize in different knowledge areas. The UIC has two campuses: the Barcelona Campus and the Sant Cugat Campus. Both offer an ongoing programme of cultural, recreational and sporting activities that aim to ensure students' all-round development.
The UIC's objective is to strengthen students' skills and competences as much as possible so that they can easily adapt to the new challenges posed by today's society.
The university takes an individualized approach, which involves teaching classes with a smaller number of students and providing comprehensive advice to students throughout the whole of their time at university. The UIC also has more than 1,250 internship agreements with companies in different industries in Spain and worldwide. The majority of the teaching staff have professional backgrounds. Thanks to the UIC's company-internship programmes, the university maintains close relations with the business community.

Universitat Internacional de Catalunya (UIC)