Arts Management 1

In Roma (Italien)

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    Roma (Italien)

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    12 Monate


The Master Course in Arts Management is subdivided into two operational modules that have an individual study path related to the city they are in. The program is composed into two phases each one taking place in an artistic Italian city, Florence and Rome, each phase contributing to the training of the Arts Manager.
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Roma (Italien)
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Via Giovanni Branca, 122, 00153


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The fields emphasized in Rome will be Economy and Culture, while in Florence participants will focus on Events Planning and Management.
During the last phase of the Master Course in Arts Management the final event will be analyzed and organized; this consists of a project articulated so that each participant or group will have the opportunity to be challenged with the realities of the Artistic and Cultural fields in order to create a real project in the city of Rome.

Arts Management: Exhibition and Events Planning (Florence)
February 2013 | July 2013
The Florence section of the Master Course in Arts Management aims at the creation of a professional figure that is specialized in the designing, planning and organizing of complex and articulated events in the cultural fields. The courses focus on the specific abilities of managing the different phases of organizing an event: from the the creation of contents for the event itself with the analysis of a plan, to contacting the partners and sponsors, up to communication management. The participants will have gained expertise in the fields of event promotion and management for a wide range of different cultural and promotional situations.

Artistic Direction: Focus on Festival (Rome)
July 2013| December 2013
The purpose of this program is to develop a new approach to Artistic heritage management through the historical and cultural vocation of the city of Rome. This metropolis is capable of offering a consolidated experience in the institutional area, as well as a rich urban melting pot of international and interdisciplinary cultures.
The Master’s phase in Rome aims to combine the high culture that the city interprets at international levels, and the vivacious activities and scenes that create its “urban culture”. With the support of new technologies the newest urban themes will be approached, in an effort to explore and develop the possible cultural convergences and promote interest and participation.

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