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The future of journalism is taught at the UIC

Degree in Journalism

Universitat Internacional de Catalunya
In Barcelona (Spanien)

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Tipologie Bachelor
Ort Barcelona (Spanien)
Dauer 4 Jahre
Credits 240
Unternehmenspraktikum Ja
  • Bachelor
  • Barcelona (Spanien)
  • Dauer:
    4 Jahre
  • Credits: 240
  • Unternehmenspraktikum

Are you passionate about pursuing a career in journalism? Get your start with this degree program from UIC. The UIC seeks to educate and train journalism professionals who are motivated to develop their skills and adapt to a constantly changing environment. There tend to be 3 different focuses or backgrounds to which journalists adhere. These include editor of news reporting, manager of the communication environment and business information manager. Based on this principle, the education model at UIC focuses on achieving a series of objectives. Among these are the desire for students to have an international vision as journalists and to maintain an entrepreneurial spirit.

The journalism program offers a comprehensive curriculum designed to help students find their voice and execute their assignments with authority. In addition to courses covering different types of media, communication structure, radio production and management, students will also be learning the social dimension of journalism and the important of ethics in reporting. Students who are naturally curious and love to write will thrive in this intellectually stimulating program designed for the next generation of journalists.


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Immaculada, 22, 08017, Barcelona, Spanien
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Immaculada, 22, 08017, Barcelona, Spanien
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· Welche Ziele werden in diesem Kurs verfolgt?

This course will open the following career opportunities to you: Television presenter Radio journalist Editor Editor and correspondent Head of press Institutional communicator Investigative journalist Creator of multimedia contents Expert on information management on the web Advisor on political communication Journalist in a communication office

· An wen richtet sich dieser Kurs?

Students interested in working as journalists.

· Voraussetzungen

There are different access routes to this degree. Please contact us for more information.

· Qualifikation

Degree in Journalism.

· Worin unterscheidet sich dieser Kurs von anderen?

We open up the doors of the world to our students. We educate you so that you can work internationally. We will take specific English classes, do workshops, meet professionals and have classmates from up to 60 different countries.

· Welche Schritte folgen nach der Informationsanfrage?

Please contact us to learn more about our application process.

· Where will my internship be?

We collaborate with more than 250 important media companies in Barcelona including Antena 3, TV3, TVE, Gestmusic, La fábrica de la tele, BTV, La Vanguardia, Telecinco, BBC, Catalunya Radio, Rac1, SER, RNE, COPE, Nestle, FCBarcelona and La Caixa.

Was lernen Sie in diesem Kurs?

Written Communication
Group dynamics
Communication Theory
Communication Structure
Media Companies
History of Journalism
Radio Production and Management
Leadership and Negotiation
Creativity and innovation
Persuasive Communication
Effective Speaking Skills


Subjects in course 1
Type Term ECTS
Journalese (Journalistic Language) I FB Sem.1 7,00
Written Communication I FB Sem.1 6,00
General English OB Sem.1 6,00
Group Dynamics OB Sem.1 1,00
Information Theory OB Sem.1 6,00
TV Studio OB Sem.1 1,00
Video and Audio Editing OB Sem.1 3,00
Anthropology FB Sem.2 6,00
Journalese (Journalistic Language) II FB Sem.2 6,00
Universal Contemporary History FB Sem.2 6,00
Written Communication II FB Sem.2 6,00
Academic English OB Sem.2 6,00

Subjects in course 2
Type Term ECTS
Radio Communication FB Sem.1 6,00
Spanish Contemporary History FB Sem.1 6,00
TV Communication FB Sem.1 6,00
Communication Theory OB Sem.1 6,00
Written English OB Sem.1 6,00
Journalistic Ethics FB Sem.2 6,00
Media Law FB Sem.2 6,00
Sociology FB Sem.2 6,00
Contemporary Thought FB Sem.2 6,00
Economy FB Sem.2 6,00

Subjects in course 3
Type Term ECTS
Elective OP Sem.1 3,00
Geography OB Sem.1 4,00
History of Journalism OB Sem.1 4,00
Media Companies OB Sem.1 6,00
Radio Production and Managemenet OB Sem.1 6,00
Communication Management OB Sem.1 6,00
Communication Structure OB Sem.2 3,00
Legal and Political Institutions OB Sem.2 5,00
Networked Journalistic Projects OB Sem.2 6,00
TV Production and Management OB Sem.2 6,00
Effective Speaking Skills OB Sem.2 6,00
External Practices I PR Sem.2 5,00

Subjects in course 4
Type Term ECTS
Elective OP Sem.1 9,00
Leadership and Negotiation OB Sem.1 4,00
Marketing OB Sem.1 4,00
Professional English for Journalism 1 (English) OB Sem.1 4,00
Project OB Sem.1 6,00
Audience Analysis OB Sem.2 3,00
Creativity and Innovation OB Sem.2 4,00
Design OB Sem.2 4,00
Entrepreneurship OB Sem.2 3,00
Persuasive Communication OB Sem.2 4,00
Professional English for Journalism 2 (English) OB Sem.2 4,00
External Practices II PR Sem.2 5,00
Final Degree Project TF Sem.2 6,00

Zusätzliche Informationen

Direct contact with the profession from the first moment.

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