Degree in Physiotherapy

Universitat Internacional de Catalunya
In Barcelona (Spanien)

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Tipologie Kindergarten
Ort Barcelona (Spanien)
Dauer 4 Jahre
  • Kindergarten
  • Barcelona (Spanien)
  • Dauer:
    4 Jahre

The Degree Programme in Physiotherapy in the UIC prepares participants to enter the workforce by teaching them the reflective and analytical skills which are necessary in order to work with patients to find the best solutions.Physiotherapists have the opportunity to improve the overall quality of life of their patients, and are therefore responsible for maintaining regular contact with patients and other health professionals.For that reason, it is important that students develop a sense of responsibility and commitment faced with our ever-changing society, while at the same time fostering the self-critical skills that enhances their learning. The UIC places a strong emphasis on teamwork in order to ensure successful interdisciplinary collaboration throughout students’ professional careers.In order to achieve these ambitious goals, the programme offers a flexible and up-to-date curriculum with a close connection between theoretical content and practical classes in all areas of knowledge. Students also have the opportunity to carry out professional, clinical practica in physiotherapy centres and rehabilitation facilities.


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Immaculada, 22, 08017, Barcelona, Spanien
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Immaculada, 22, 08017, Barcelona, Spanien
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Was lernen Sie in diesem Kurs?

English for Physiotherapy
Methodological Design of Research
Community Physiotherapy
Molecular and Cellular Physiology
Musculoskeletal System
Psychosocial Sciences
Public Health
Manual Therapy


Subjects in course 1Type Term ECTSGeneral Anthropology FB Sem.1 6,00Principio de Biofísica y Biomecánica Aplicados a la Fisioterapia FB Sem.1 6,00Structure and Function of the Musculoskeletal System I FB Sem.1 6,00Cinesiterapia 1 OB Sem.1 3,00Fundamentals of Physiotherapy OB Sem.1 4,00Valoración en Fisioterapia 1 OB Sem.1 3,00Molecular and Cellular Physiology Applied to Physiotherapy FB Sem.2 6,00Psychosocial Sciences Applied to Physiotherapy FB Sem.2 6,00Structure and Function of the Musculoskeletal System II FB Sem.2 6,00Cinesiterapia 2 OB Sem.2 5,00General Procedures in Physical Therapy Intervention 1 OB Sem.2 6,00Valoración en Fisioterapia 2 OB Sem.2 3,00 Subjects in course 2Type Term ECTSEnglish for Physiotherapy 1 FB Sem.1 6,00Estructura y Función del Sistema Nervioso, Endocrino y Órganos de los Sentidos FB Sem.1 6,00Fisiopatología en las Afecciones del Aparato Locomotor FB Sem.1 8,00Community Physiotherapy and Public Health OB Sem.1 3,00General Procedures in Physical Therapy Intervention 2 OB Sem.1 6,00Estructura y Función Esplacnológica FB Sem.2 6,00Fisiopatología en las Afecciones Neurológicas OB Sem.2 4,00Fisioterapia Aplicada a las Disfunciones del Aparato Locomotor 1 OB Sem.2 7,00Manual Therapy 1 OB Sem.2 2,00Métodos Específicos de Intervención en Fisioterapia Ortopédica. EESS y EEII OB Sem.2 3,00Métodos Específicos de Intervención en Fisioterapia Ortopédica. Raquis OB Sem.2 3,00Métodos Específicos de Intervención en Fisioterapia Reumatológica OB Sem.2 3,00Research Methodology OB Sem.2 3,00 Subjects in course 3Type Term ECTSClinical Training 1 PR Sem.1 5,00Clinical Training 2 PR Sem.1 5,00English for Physiotherapy 2.1 OB Sem.1 3,00Ethics and Law in Physiotherapy OB Sem.1 3,00Fisiopatología en las Afecciones Cardiorespiratorias OB Sem.1 4,00Physiotherapy Applied to the Physical Dysfunction of the Nervous System OB Sem.1 6,00Specific Methods of Intervention in Neurological Physiotherapy OB Sem.1 5,00Bioethics OB Sem.2 3,00Biostatistics 1 OB Sem.2 4,00Clinical Training 3 PR Sem.2 5,00Complementary Therapies OB Sem.2 2,00English for Physiotherapy 2.2 OB Sem.2 3,00Fisioterapia Aplicada a las Disfunciones Circulatorias, Cardíacas y Respira... OB Sem.2 5,00Manual Therapy 2 OB Sem.2 2,00Specific Methods of Intervention in Cardiorespiratory Physiotherapy and Vascular OB Sem.2 5,00 Subjects in course 4Type Term ECTSFinal Degree Project TF Anual 10,00Biostatistics 2 OB Sem.1 2,00Clinical Training 4 PR Sem.1 5,00Clinical Training 5 PR Sem.1 5,00Methodological Design of Research OB Sem.1 1,00Elective OP Sem.1 18,00Clinical Training 6 PR Sem.2 5,00Clinical Training 7 PR Sem.2 5,00Clinical Training 8 PR Sem.2 5,00