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A good knowledge of grammar and a rich vocabulary just aren't enough! Costly business breakdowns occur because of inter-cultural misunderstandings - usually not because of what was said, but HOW it was said - and sometimes what was not said. Here the intercultural understanding plays an integral role in global business relations. Learn to empathize with your business partners.
Gerichtet an: If you are a business person - manager, consultant or entrepreneur, working with people in the English-speaking world you will benefit from this training.

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CEF level: B2 - C2 (Upper intermediate to advanced) - determined by Logik Sprachtraining placement test


Mary Petersen
Mary Petersen
Director- Logik Sprachtraining, Autor "Fit für TOEFL"

Mary Petersen (Diploma of Teaching) - founder of Logik Sprachtraining in 1990. her goal: to make business English as job-related as possible by integrating language, job skills and intercultural aspects into one. Her approach to this semiar - to help you unfold your personality and use it as a presentation tool.


Good communication skills in English are essential when dealing with customers in the global market place.

Communication Skills: Giving directives, being assertive, asking for and giving advice, recommesdations, being persuasive, giving feedback, agreeing and disagreeing diplomatically, polite questions and requests. Supported by authentic case studies and role plays

Business Language: Business jargon and typical business idioms, describing trends, forecasts and reviews, business terminology: finance, marketing and sales, technology

Presentation Skills: The "Presentation Planner" for effective ad hoc presentations, keeping the audience's attention, describing visuals, boy language - using your voice and body as a tool to convince the listeners.

Negotiation Skills: Rules, styles and phases of negotiations of the Harvard Business School negotiating styles - supported with authentic case studies and role plays

Meetings: Useful phrases, phases of a meeting, chairing meetings effectively, cross cultural differences in meetings - supported with authentic case studies and role plays.

Intercultural Skills: the conceppt of "time" and "contracts" around the world - using authentic case studies

Written correspondence: Polite formulations in letters, e-mails and memos, writing reports, writing social business notes - birthdays, Christmas, etc.

Telephone Skills: Making and changing appointments, dealing with complaints and apologizing, the polite 1,2,3 of telephone conversation

A short review of main grammar forms

Business Etiquette: Introductions and greetings around the world, good byes, the importance of small talk, entertaining and being entertained around the works - do's and taboos.

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Preisinformation: 24 double lessons (90 minutes)
Maximale Teilnehmerzahl: 1

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