English for Production and Operations

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By the end of this course you will have increased your effectiveness in the four areas of communication - speaking, listening, reading and writing in the area of operations and production. You will also have expanded your vocabulary in this area so that you can confidently and competently communicate your expertise to your international counterparts and partners.
Gerichtet an: This course is designed for people working in the production and operations of an international company - plant managers, engineers, R &D scientists, floor and line managers alike.

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· Voraussetzungen

CEF level minimum B2 (upper intermediate) - determined by LogikSprachtraining placement test


The course embraces the following themes, but more can be added or replaced depending on the requirements of the participants.

  • Quick review of the main grammar forms so as not to hinder communication
  • Social etiquette - introductions, greetings, small talk, good byes
  • The operations function - operational management and his/her role
  • Framework for managing operations - the basics and initial choices
  • Corporate considerations and product/sevice decisions - considering the product range, deciding capacity for growth, the research and development process, analysing products and services
  • Planning operations - costs, economies, deciding capacity, facilities location and layout
  • Organizing operations - job design, measuring work,
  • Project management - planning and scheduling
  • Quality management - quality assurance, dimensions of quality, inspection and sampling for quality
  • TQC (Total Quality Contol) - management-initiated approaches to improve quality, introducing quality circles
  • Controlling operations - jobbing process, controlling the flow process
  • Inventory - reasons for and types, MRP (materialrequirement plan)
  • Personnel management - job evaluation, determining wages, economic factor, people vs machines
  • Principles of effective presentations
  • Describing forecasts, reviews and trends
  • Writing effective reports and e-mail
  • Principles of effective meetings and negotiations
  • Polite questioning techniques, polite requests
  • Giving directives
  • Being assertive and saying "no" diplomatically
  • Giving feedback to staff of another culture
  • Insight into intercultural thinking patters around the world

The learned material is reinforced by interactive role plays, case studies, mini- presentations and meetings based on authentic situations.

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Preisinformation: 24 double lessons (90 minutes) per week
Maximale Teilnehmerzahl: 8

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