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Exchange Summit Americas: Introduction to Universal Business Language (UBL)

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In Zürich (Schweiz)

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Tipologie Kurs
Niveau Fortgeschritten
Ort Zürich (Schweiz)
Unterrichtsstunden 8h
Dauer 1 Tag
  • Kurs
  • Fortgeschritten
  • Zürich (Schweiz)
  • 8h
  • Dauer:
    1 Tag

April 24, 2017, Orlando, USA
1.30 p.m. - 5 p.m.

Introduction to Universal Business Language (UBL)
G. Ken Holman, Chief Technology Officer, Crane Softwrights Ltd, Chairman OASIS Universal Business Language (UBL) Technical Committee, Canada
UBL is the product of an international effort to define a royalty-free library of standard electronic XML business documents such as purchase orders and invoices. Developed in an open and accountable OASIS Technical Committee with participation from a variety of industry data standards organizations, UBL is designed to plug directly into existing business, legal, auditing, and records management practices, eliminating the re-keying of data in existing fax- and paperbased supply chains and providing an entry point into electronic commerce for small and medium-sized businesses.
This introductory workshop overviews the steps necessary to consider how and where to use UBL in a solution for all parties in a business scenario.

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Renaissance Zürich Hotel, Thurgau, Schweiz
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Renaissance Zürich Hotel, Thurgau, Schweiz

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Universal Business Language
Electronic XML business documents
ISO/IEC 19845
Technically-oriented workshop
Internationale Finanzen
Exchange Summit Americas
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Workshop Objectives

Attendees of the Introduction to UBL workshop will learn the role of the OASIS Universal Business Language, internationally standardized as ISO/IEC 19845 and adopted by countries and companies worldwide. Used for procurement, E-Invoicing and transportation logistics, this open and free-to-use XML vocabulary can be embraced by any organization to satisfy an electronic format for important business documents.

There are many artefacts found and methodologies described in the Universal Business Language (UBL) deliverables. Without an awareness of the roles played by these, UBL can be perceived more complex or considered "too hard" to tackle successfully. This technically-oriented workshop is written for both the user of UBL and technical manager. For the implementer and specifying authority it is important to understand candidate opportunities to work with the artefacts and to gain hands-on experience in their use and applicability in the context of the documented methodologies and deployment strategies.

The following topics are covered through the workshop:

Introduction to UBL

- Parties, document types and profiles - use case and business documents

- Information items - data description spreadsheets o model conventions - naming and design rules

- Model semantics - data dictionary

- Documents and document models o reference to methodology for code list and value validation

- Customization and system design considerations

- Specification governance and committee procedures

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