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    Firenze (Italien)

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The course in Fashion Communication trains professionals to make a decisive contribution to the success of firms, brands and talents in the fashion system, by practising integrated strategic design based on their clients' marketing mix: brand positioning, visibility and identity, opportunities for development and strategic activities in the new media.
Gerichtet an: Students interested in the following professional profiles: Press Office Manager, Public Relations Manager, New Media Communicator, Fashion Event Manager, Communication Manager, Curator of fashion exhibitions, museums and archives.




Firenze (Italien)
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Vicolo Santa Maria Maggiore, 1, 50123


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The purpose of the course in Fashion Communication is to prepare professional communicators to specialise in fashion. Students are taught the skills and the methods used to develop and produce events organised for the fashion industry. The topics covered include all the phases of the communication process (fashion communication, fashion writing and editing, advertising and web communications), designing and managing events, PR and the press office, for the purpose of achieving an effective transmission of the brand, its values and its philosophy.

The course trains young professionals to be capable of conceiving and managing integrated promotion strategies, seeking out external relations with other industry operatives, monitoring advertising campaigns, looking after media relations and organising events and catwalk shows.

The first year is devoted to providing students with the basic skills they need for adopting a strategic design approach to the area of communications for fashion. In addition to familiarising with the fundamentals of cultural and technical knowledge, students also learn how to apply correct design methods, starting with an analysis of the market and of the fashion product and the definition of the identity of the recipient of the communications, then working through to the completion of a communications plan coherent with the skills thus acquired.

The second year focuses on developing the skills necessary for designing a communication plan for a brand or a firm, by learning and using traditional tools and developing on the theme of knowledge and analysis of strategic activities in the new media and the web. By implementing these cultural, technical and IT skills, students learn how to read and understand fashion as a complex system of signs and trends, so as to suggest their own vision of it and a personal storytelling, both organised coherently in projects.

In the third year, the course concentrates on strengthening students’ skills so as to hone their design abilities and cultural knowledge, ensuring that they are based on the ability to act independently, maintaining a critical approach and focusing on innovation and quality, all skills that help them break into the working world. By developing their studies of the industry’s more innovative channels and means of communication and articulated design approaches, students learn to elaborate and develop an idea of interpretation and of a storyboard for the contemporary fashion system that culminates in building an original overall vision for it.

IED Florence partners with a network of corporate contacts working in the fashion industry and located all over the city and its district, so as to maximise its links with local industry and craftsmen, cater optimally to the industry’s needs and apply the knowledge and skills acquired. In particular, the course is conducted in partnership with

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