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In Firenze (Italien)

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Tipologie Kurs
Ort Firenze (Italien)
Dauer 12 Monate
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  • Firenze (Italien)
  • Dauer:
    12 Monate

The Fashion Event and PR Master Course's aim is to give participants the opportunity to further develop their acquired skills through a transversal analytical approach of the Fashion System and an experiential didactic method that combines theory to practice.
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Vicolo Santa Maria Maggiore, 1, 50123, Milano, Italien
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Vicolo Santa Maria Maggiore, 1, 50123, Milano, Italien
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Florence is the crib of Italian Fashion since its beginning in 1951 with the first fashion shows that have now evolved into the Pitti fairs. Currently Florence is on the world fashion map with the Pitti Uomo, Pitti Filati, Pitti Bimbo, and Vintage Selection fairs as well as transversal digital media events and high end luxury stores such asLuisa Via Roma. Florence is in an ideal location, being in the heart of Tuscany and at the center of the Leather center in Santa Croce and the Knitwear center in Prato. Moreover the know-how that comes from Florence’s traditional artisan history is now meeting new technologies and new ways of communicating fashion that make it a hub of cultural and style exchanges.

Designed for professionals and graduates that desire to gain perspective on the newest and up-and-coming communication techniques for the Fashion System, the course focuses on digital media and viral communication techniques. Attention is given to communication for all types of events, focusing on the roles of the professional figures involved and their interactions for successful outcomes. The notions gained are examined throughout the course in practical applications with company-based collaborations and projects. Participants will be expected to gain communication and event organization skills with an in-depth analysis and strategic approach that can be applied to any project in their current or future careers.

Mixing communication and creative skills with an in-depth and strategic approach, this Master course involves extensive knowledge of the cultural, historical, sociological and economic components of the Fashion System as well as the forecasting of trends in the specific target market, developing new communication processes for fashion such as blogging, content creation and publishing, styling, web, new media, advertising, runway shows and and event creation.

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