Fashion Marketing - Product and retail management

In Milano (Italien)

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The Master Course in Fashion Marketing - Product and Retail Management aims at training fashion management professionals able to face these new challenges, and, above all, to understand and interpret the economic macro-scenarios, to anticipate and analyze the changes characterizing the Fashion System, to define the strengths and the weaknesses of competitors, to segment and monitor the market, to know the product and the related production, distribution, and sales dynamics.
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Milano (Italien)
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Via Pompeo Leoni, 3, 20141


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The Master Course in Fashion Marketing - Product and Retail Management deals with the different aspects of the marketing management: from the Fashion System analysis to the study of the fashion marketing and communication techniques; from the detailed analysis of the brand management to the knowledge of the distribution scenario. Besides strategic aspects, the course allows developing the concept of fashion conceived as cultural, social and historical system characterized b different trends to be analyzed and interpreted.

The Master Course in Fashion Marketing - Product and Retail Management gives the chance to choose between two specialization pathways:

> Product Management, through which the student learns how to deal with the development and management of a product range by following the entire realization path of the collections and by interacting with the creative office, the technical labs, the production unit or the sales office.

> Retail Management, through which students will learn how to face the current distribution difficulties: from the Fashion Buyer, who interprets the market trends for his customers and defines the purchasing plan of the collection, up to the Retail Manager and the Visual Merchandising Manager, who take care of the brand image and of the collection exposition inside the point of sale.

In the end, the Master Course in Fashion Marketing - Product and Retail Management offers the opportunity to collaborate with professionals and Italian and International companies working in the field and to develop projects with them by simulating the professional activity.

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