Feng Shui in Chinese Medicine (Lillian Bridges)

Spring and Autumn Institute
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Gerichtet an: Studierende und Praktizierende der Chinesischen Medizin

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Brunnengasse 4, 07907, Thüringen, Deutschland
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Brunnengasse 4, 07907, Thüringen, Deutschland
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Lillian Bridges
Lillian Bridges
Gesichtsdiagnose der Chinesischen Medizin, Feng Shui


In this 4 day intensive course, participants will be taught the essential principles of Feng Shui as they relate to Chinese Medicine. Special attention will be paid to Ling and Qi of environments, the Psychology of Color and the unique Transcendent Bagua for manifestation and spiritual growth. This intensive course will give participants all the tools they need to begin practicing this ancient art that helps themselves and others on a profoundly personal level.

Feng Shui is based on ancient Taoist beliefs about nature and a human being’s place within it. The primary purpose of Feng Shui is to align people with their environment to maximize their health and well being. Considered a branch of Chinese Medicine, Feng Shui also focuses on qi as the most important concept. Qi can be found in all living things and is read and analyzed so that a person can adapt and access the helpful qi and avoid harmful qi. Qi can also be divided into the three zones of heaven, human and earth and the vibrational families of the five elements. All of these aspects need to be balanced for health and healing to occur.

When individuals are suffering from poor health or disease, it is extremely important to evaluate the conditions of their homes and offices. Making changes in the flow of qi, involving the healing power of color and incorporating personal symbolism can all improve an individual’s emotional, psychological and physical health. Creating healing environments helps to eliminate the “band aid effect” of treatment where the progress gained in the clinic is lost upon the patient’s return home.

It is also vital for practitioners to become aware of the Feng Shui of their clinics and treatment rooms to facilitate the healing process. Incorporating Feng Shui into the healing process ensures that patients and practitioners harness the most positive elements of the natural world.

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