IBM Bla/12/enter S Workshop


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This is an intermediate course for those individuals involved in the planning, installation, configuration, and upgrading of IBM Bla/12/enters.

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You should have completed:

  • IBM Bla/12/enter Fundamentals (XTR30)


This course is developed and owned by Lenovo.

IBM solely provides a market place to advertise the courses on our external websites, and lists the Provider who owns the content.

This workshop provides an in-depth understanding of IBM's design and technology concepts for the Bla/12/enter S chassis and its components to include integrated storage capabilities.

With a combination of lecture materials and remote lab exercises, this workshop presents a detailed technical overview of the Bla/12/enter S architectural features. This course introduces and discusses the various management options available for the Bla/12/enter S chassis, power components, and I/O modules. Topics on troubleshooting your Bla/12/enter S and installation considerations will be presented.

This course introduces the Storage Configuration Manager and provides technical instructions on creating user-defined zone configurations and predefined zone configurations for the Bla/12/enter S chassis integrating disk storage modules to achieve SAN like functions.

Remote labs cover identifying the Bla/12/enter S system environment and configuration of the Bla/12/enter S chassis using the Advanced Management Module. Preparation of the blade server will be done by learning how to control the blade server through the AMM, configure and verify the blade server BIOS, enabling the SAS expansion card, and verify and configure the SAS card. Configuration using StartNow labs include chassis configuration, applying firmware, SAS disk storage, and blade server expansion card BIOS for RAID and installation of an operating system.

Training Paths that reference this course are:

  • System x Bla/12/enter Track

Zusätzliche Informationen

  • List the major components that make up the Bla/12/enter S chassis
  • Distinguish the features unique to the Bla/12/enter S
  • Match the Bla/12/enter S power component options to implementation requirements
  • List the I/O modules available for the Bla/12/enter S
  • Match I/O modules to Bla/12/enter S I/O bays
  • List the AMM functions specific to the Bla/12/enter S
  • List the I/O modules and expansion cards available for the Bla/12/enter S
  • Identify and list Bla/12/enter S unique features for Ethernet expansion cards
  • Match the Bla/12/enter S I/O modules with supporting expansion cards
  • List the Bla/12/enter S disk expansion options and RAID capabilities
  • List the disk storage module SAS and SATA hard drive options
  • List the Bla/12/enter S storage elements to be managed
  • List the storage management tasks required for SAS configuration
  • Identify and list the management utilities available in the Bla/12/enter S
  • Match the management tasks to the storage operation to be performed
  • List the features implemented in the Bla/12/enter Open Fabric Manager
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