IBM DemandTec Extended Overview: Price Optimization


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This basic course is for: Pricing Analysts Pricing Managers Category Managers Pricing Executives or Sponsors Manufacturing representatives or managers Associated professionals


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· Voraussetzungen

You should:

  • Have some experience using web browsers, the internet and Microsoft Windows operating systems
  • Be able to navigate a GUI environment
  • Have experience working with spreadsheets and reports.

As you work through the concepts and tasks, it is assumed that you are familiar with Microsoft Excel; although this will not be a blocking issue to learning.


This extended overview is a hands-on training demonstration to introduce you to the major features of the IBM DemandTec Price Optimization solution.  It is the perfect way to learn a little more about Price Optimization without attending a multi-day event,if you are a Sales Director, Manager, Partner or tertiary user. Your session facilitator is well-versed in the solution and is happy to answer questions or show you items of interest.

Training Paths that reference this course are:

  • IBM Omni-Channel Merchandising Price Execution and Optimization Offerings

Zusätzliche Informationen

  • Relate the benefits of the Price Optimization solution
  • Describe pre-scenario data for anomalies in Reporting
  • Discuss Pre-price and Price-lock products that should not change during rules pricing or optimization
  • Product Status and which products will be included in the pricing action
  • Discuss data which supports Price Optimization rules such as, but not limited to, Size Families/Classes, Brand Families/Classes, and Other Families/Classes
  • Describe the use of Product and Store Groups for rules and CPIs
  • Relate the use of weighted and non-weighted CPIs
  • Discuss the creation of Rule and Category Groups
  • Describe the import and export of data
  • Differentiate between Rules Priced and Optimized scenarios
  • Describe the use of rules to support category strategies
  • Tell about scenario creation and the strategic use of rules
  • Relate the use of “what-if’” scenarios to compare the projected financial implications of various pricing strategies
  • Discuss the balancing of scenario financial results
  • Describe Scenario Summary and Compare Scenario features

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