IBM DemandTec Price Optimization Rules Pricing


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This basic course is for Pricing Analysts, Pricing Managers, Category Managers, Pricing Executives or Sponsors, Manufacturing representatives or managers, and associated professionals.


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· Voraussetzungen

You should:

  • Have some experience using web browsers, the internet and Microsoft Windows operating systems
  • Be able to navigate a GUI environment
  • Have experience working with spreadsheets and reports.

As you work through the concepts and tasks, it is assumed that you are familiar with Microsoft Excel; although this will not be a blocking issue to learning.


This hands-on course teaches you to use rules, prepare what-if scenarios and analyze results in the Price Management solution.

Training Paths that reference this course are:

  • IBM Omni-Channel Merchandising Price Execution and Optimization Offerings

Zusätzliche Informationen

  • Describe the benefits of Rules Pricing
  • Review data for anomalies before running scenarios
  • Assign Pre-pricing and Price-locking to products that should not change during rules pricing or optimization
  • Explain and change Product Status based on what products should be included in the pricing action
  • Create data to support Price Optimization rules such as, but not limited to, Size Families/Classes, Brand Families/Classes, and Other Families/Classes
  • Create Product and Store Groups for rules and CPIs
  • Create and calculate weighted and non-weighted CPIs
  • Import and Export data into and from the Price solution
  • Use rules to support category strategies
  • Create scenarios and add rules strategically
  • Run ''what-if'' scenarios to compare the projected financial implications of various pricing strategies
  • Review summary-level optimized prices using Scenario Summary and Compare Scenario features
  • Review Scenario Results reports and Compare Scenario Details functionality
  • Use the PRA and Product Analyzer to answer price change questions
  • Res

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