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This intermediate course is for personnel who are assessing and planning to deploy IBM Flash storage and solutions. Das Zentrum IBM präsentiert das folgende Programm, mit dem Sie Ihre Kompetenzen stärken sowie Ihre gesteckte Ziele erreichen können. In dem Kurs zu dieser Schulung gibt es verschiedene Module zur Auswahl und Sie können mehr über die angebotenen Thematiken erfahren. Einfach anmelden und Zugang zu den folgenden Themen erhaltenDas Zentrum IBM präsentiert das folgende Programm, mit dem Sie Ihre Kompetenzen stärken sowie Ihre gesteckte Ziele erreichen können. In dem Kurs zu dieser Schulung gibt es verschiedene Module zur Auswahl und Sie können mehr über die angebotenen Thematiken erfahren. Einfach anmelden und Zugang zu den folgenden Themen erhalten

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It is recommended you attend the following classes prior to taking this WBT.

• Introduction to Storage (SS01G)

• IBM Flash Storage Fundamentals (SSFS1G) or

• Flash Storage Fundamentals - WBT (SSFW1G)

For more information about these courses visit our web site at



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This web based training (WBT) course starts with an overview of the IBM FlashSystem V9000 and IBM FlashSystem 900 all-flash storage solutions. We will review the history of IBM flash storage and describes the key elements of the IBM FlashCore Technology. You will review Hardware Accelerated I/O, IBM MicroLatency Module, and Advanced Flash Management and how each element is employed in IBM FlashSystem 900 and IBM FlashSystem V9000 storage solution. We will then discuss the advantage of the IBM FlashCore Technology and it usage. The benefit of enabling data-at-rest encryption to provide the security - without having to rely on human intervention and user errors, and to protect against unwarranted stolen data, discarded or stolen flash modules is covered. We will discuss how the FlashSystem V9000 supports a fixed building block to scale up system capacity as well as scalable building blocks to scale controllers for both performance and capacity. Unit 4 describes the physical hardware and cabling requirements for the FlashSystem V9000 storage system. It will also discuss logical SAN and LAN implementations and initialization of the FlashSystem V9000 SVC cluster. It will also introduce the management interfaces and role-based management access to both the management GUI and CLI. Next the steps involved for storage provisioning using IBM FlashSystem V9000 GUI and CLI are explained. We will discuss the different host interfaces supported by IBM FlashSystem V9000 and volume allocation. Advanced features of the IBM FlashSystem V9000 which are designed to deliver storage efficiency and optimize storage asset investments is covered starting with Easy Tier functions to perform statistical data collection and analysis workloads to identify hot spots of data access that could benefit from relocation to high performance storage. Thin Provisioned virtualization technology is next, which gives the appearance of having more physical storage resources then is actually available, the Volume Mirroring function of the Spectrum Virtualize that enables two sets of MDisks extents to be associated with the same volume. The ability to create another copy of a volume affords additional management flexibility. In addition, we discuss storage capacity utilization efficiency that is achieved with the Real-time Compression (RtC) licensed feature. RtC enables active primary data to be compressed as it is written to avoid the need for post processing compression. The IBM FlashSystem all-flash storage system provides a data access storage infrastructure that adapts to your on-going and dynamically changing business environment with agility. Data movement across the managed infrastructure, from one storage system or one storage tier to another, is totally nondisruptive and transparent to accessing host applications, therefore we will discuss the data migration concept and examine the data migration options provided by the IBM FlashSystem V9000. Your last unit examines administrative tools that will assist you in troubleshooting, servicing and managing a FlashSystem environment. We will identify event logging and troubleshooting procedures to help you analyze failures that/05/occur in the system, including how to implement directed maintenance procedures (DMPs) to address the issue and how to collect system data and perform cluster configuration data backup. To finish this course we will review service management functions to complete service-related actions using the management GUI and Service Assistant management interface. You will examine step-by-step procedures to perform concurrent code load software upgrades for all system components including the AC2 controllers and AE2 storage enclosures.

Über 92% der Teilnehmer/innen erreichen ihr Lehrgangsziel in der vorgegebenen Zeit. Hochqualifizierte Dozenten vermitteln den aktuellen Stand des Wissens in zahlreichen Themenfeldern.

Die Qualität unserer Weiterbildungen ist durch zusätzliche Zertifizierungen wie SAP, Microsoft und LCCI belegt. Unsere Teilnehmer/innen erhalten zu Beginn der Fortbildung ein Welcome-Package.

Zusätzliche Informationen

After completing this course, you should be able to:

• Recall the history and fundamentals of the IBM Flash System storage
• Summarize the infrastructure of the IBM Flash Core Technology
• Categorize the positioning of the IBM Flash System product family
• Classify the characteristics of the IBM Flash System 900 and IBM Flash System V9000 systems
• Identify the connectivity, zoning, cabling requirements to implement a Flash System clustered system
• Identify the various methods to implement a Flash System solution
• List the advanced software features designed to simplify data management, improve data security, and preserve storage investments
• Identify the various options to centralize the management of storage resource and to service an IBM Flash System environment


Follow-on courses

Please reference our Training and Certification web site for additional courses.

IBM FlashSystem V9000 Storage Implementation - WBT

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