IBM Platform Analytics End User for LSF


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This course is designed for Analysts and Managers.

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· Voraussetzungen

You should have:

  • a basic knowledge of Platform Analytics


The End User Standard section of this course is designed for business analysts and managers who want to understand the reporting capabilities of Platform Analytics 9.1. The course will cover a basic introduction to Platform Analytics architecture and then go into detail concerning the standard Platform Analytics reports. The End User Custom section of the course is designed for business analysts who want to be able to build their own custom reporting capabilities with PA 9.1 and LSF. The course will cover the architecture of PA, how PA receives data from LSF, how to collect additional data, and then how to build custom PA workbooks to display that data.

Zusätzliche Informationen

  • Explain PA architecture and design
  • Demonstrate how data is gathered and aggregated
  • Explain standard reports used in PA for LSF
  • Demonstrate how to collect custom data or add to etl processes
  • Create custom workbooks for PA 9.1

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