IBM PureApplication System V1.1 Backup and Recovery


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This intermediate course is designed for system architects, system administrators, solution administrators, technical professionals, and operators who are interested in IBM PureApplication System backup and restore procedures.


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· Voraussetzungen

You should have a general knowledge of virtualization and hypervisor concepts. Data center experience, especially in systems administration, is helpful.


This course provides a detailed description of IBM PureApplication System backup and recovery procedures.

System administrators should maintain current system backups. Even though the PureApplication System backup feature captures the system’s configuration, you should create procedures to restore data components at a more granular level. This course explains the procedures to back up and restore system, cloud, workload, and application data.

Demonstrations and explanations throughout the course provide a mixed media approach to topics in this area.

If you are enrolling in a Self Paced Virtual Classroom or Web Based Training course, before you enroll, please review the Self-Paced Virtual Classes and Web-Based Training Classes on our Terms and Conditions page, as well as the system requirements, to ensure that your system meets the minimum requirements for this course.

Training Paths that reference this course are:

  • IBM PureApplication System Implementer and Administrator

Zusätzliche Informationen

  • Describe five types of PureApplication System data that can be backed up and restored:
  • Management
  • Cloud environment
  • Workload components
  • Workloads
  • Application data
  • Differentiate between procedures for PureApplication System backup and restoration
  • Describe the backup process for a PureApplication System cloud environment
  • Describe application data backup options
  • Describe the system backup procedure by using the console and CLI
  • Describe the workload component backup procedure by using the console and CLI
  • Describe how to restore the PureApplication System cloud environment
  • Describe application data restoration options
  • Describe how to selectively restore workloads
  • Describe how to selectively restore workload components
  • Describe how to recover the system when one or more PSMs fail
  • Describe data backup and restoration scenarios for the system, cloud environment, workload components, workloads, and application

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