IBM System Storage Connectivity Options for System x


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This is an advanced course for those who plan, install, configure, or support IBM DS3000 and DS4000 storage systems for System x.

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· Voraussetzungen

You should attend the class IBM System x Technical Principles (XTR11).


Upon completion of this hands-on simulator class you should be able to plan, install, configure, manage, and perform problem isolation on the IBM System Storage DS3000 and DS4000 family of products.

The Storage Solutions two day class starts with connectivity and protocols used to connect storage to servers. Beginning with the DS3000 family, emphasis is on the cabling configuration and architectures of these storage units along with the performance differences between the SATA, SAS, and fiber channel devices, followed by the DS4000 family and expansion units EXP420, EXP810, and EXP5000. Managing the DS4000 controller, starting with the power on sequence and the value of DACstore is discussed plus the installation of the IBM DS Storage Manager user management interface. Arrays and logical drives are covered along with the dynamic operations. How to partition logical drives and the use of FlashCopy and VolumeCopy will also be covered. Managing DS3000 controllers starts with the Storage Manager interface, some configuration parameters that are specific to the DS3300, how to create arrays and logical drives and last you will look at the codes associated with the DS3300 and iSCSI. Problem Determination is a key skill, and we cover a variety of topics by defining LED states, the Recovery Guru usage and the QLogic Fast!UTIL and QLogic SANsurfer for diagnostics. Performance and those factors that affect basic disk performance, the performance monitor tool, and tuning recommendations are covered in this course.

Training Paths that reference this course are:

  • System x Technical Training

Zusätzliche Informationen

  • Identify the features of the major storage connectivity methods
  • Describe and list the Fibre Channel protocol (FC) topologies
  • Identify the major elements of Internet SCSI (iSCSI) protocol
  • Identify the elements comprising Serial Attached SCSI protocol (SAS)
  • List the IBM Fibre Channel Adapter Cards features and options
  • Identify and list the attributes of the Fibre Channel Switches
  • Describe and list the features and properties of iSCSI connections over TCP/IP
  • List the attributes and features of the SAS Adapter
  • Identify and list the features of the SAS Connectivity Module
  • Define and list the attributes - IBM DS3000 Disk Systems Family
    • IBM System Storage DS3200
    • IBM System Storage DS3300
    • IBM System Storage DS3400
  • Identify proper storage cabling configurations for each controller
  • List performance differences between the SATA, SAS, and Fibre Channel Drives
  • Describe and list the attributes - IBM DS4000 Disk Systems Family
    • IBM System Storage DS4200
    • IBM System Storage DS4700
    • IBM System Storage DS4800

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