IBM zPDT System


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IBM or customers, generally expected to be z/OS users interested in development platforms

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Students are expected to understand general System z and z/OS terminology and operation


Customers are often reluctant to have too much experimental development on their production machine, even if it is contained in a/09/arate LPAR. Systems programmers/05/need a sandbox at a more "hands on" level than provided by an LPAR in a production machine. Remote developers/05/have latency difficulties with very distant 3270 emulator sessions. Production machines/05/simply lack spare cycles to accommodate developers. The IBM zPDT product can address these problems. It provides a full z/OS system on a Linux PC base. This workshop discusses and demonstrates zPDT in considerable detail.

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The zPDT system is described and demonstrated in considerable detail. Students will understand the uses and limitations of zPDT systems, where they/05/fit in their installations and where they/05/be inappropriate

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