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provide students with the ability to engage in successful teamwork and to deal constructively with criticism and conflicts. develop students' oral and written communication skills in more than one language and across national and cultural borders *develop students' awareness of their own strengths and weaknesses and to encourage them to reflect on their own values and assumptions, as well as the impact of their actions and those of others in business and wider society




Luzern (Schweiz)
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*have a higher secondary education certificate qualifying the holder for studies at university level in his or her country of origin (Swiss students: ‘Berufsmatura’ or ‘Gymnasiale Matura’) *have a minimum of one year's qualified work experience in a business-related area (Swiss students: Persons with a ‘Kaufmännische Berufsmatura’ fulfill this requirement) *be prepared to attend an interview either in person or by telephone

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In terms of qualifications students will pass through an assessment year (Assessment Level) before proceeding to Bachelor Level and its component IM&E Focus Programme.

All modules on this course are taught and assessed in English
(exception: non-English language-learning units).

The General Management and Economics Programme

The general management and economics programme totals 120 ECTS credits and takes up the first three semesters of the course with a few modules spreading into the second half. In this part of their studies, students will acquire the essential knowledge and skills required in all areas of modern business and management. They will familiarize themselves with the political, economic and legal backdrop that influences and determines business activities, and they will develop skills identified as essential by employers: working in teams effectively, solving problems, developing critical thinking and, of course, communicating and presenting your ideas persuasively in multicultural and multilingual contexts.
The Focus Programme in International Management + Economics

The Focus Programme in International Management & and Economics at the Lucerne Business School uses a unique approach not otherwise found at Swiss Universities of Applied Sciences. Through its dual focus on the (internal) management perspective and on the economic environment it enhances students' perception of how international business operates and which external factors are crucial in order to achieve success. Students will be able to sharpen their awareness and understanding of cultural diversity and learn how to act responsibly and successfully across cultures. The Focus Programme comprises 60 ECTS credits and takes up the major part of the second half of the curriculum.

The Assessment Semesters

The course starts with an assessment year introducing students to the basic skills and knowlege needed during the following semesters. At this stage, i.e. during the first two semesters, a minimum of 51 credits (out of a total of 60) must be acquired in order to proceed to Bachelor Level (semesters 3 to 6). Missing credits from the assessment level must be acquired later through examination retakes.
The Bachelor Semesters

The Bachelor Level with a total of 120 ECTS credits comprises four semesters. The emphasis in this phase of the curriculum is on the international perspective of the Focus Programme modules. Students will familiarize themselves with a wide range of topics and issues of international and global relevance.

The Aims and Objectives

The aims of this Bachelor programme are to:

  • provide students with the knowledge, skills and capabilities to enable them to become actively involved in managing and developing activities in all areas of business, such as accounting and finance, information management, marketing, organisation, human resources, strategy and policy planning
  • develop students' understanding of the economic, legal, social and technological environment in which business operates and thus to allow them to respond proactively to contemporary issues and challenges
  • equip students with the techniques, tools and methods required for planning and organising, for efficient information research, critical analysis and evaluation, effective problem-solving and informed decision-making

The focus programme in International Management & Economics will enhance students' perception of how international business operates (business management) and which external factors are crucial in order to achieve success (business environment).

Students will sharpen their awareness and understanding of cultural diversity and learn how to act responsibly and successfully across cultures.

In terms of management skills, the programme includes a thorough grounding in managerial economics, value chain management and project management. Beyond that it extends to areas such as international trade, finance, law and taxation.

Applicants who are not native speakers of the prevailing tuition language must provide proof of sufficient skills in that language. Such evidence can take the form of a successful admission test or an appropriate certificate of language proficiency. The decision on whether or not such a certificate is recognised rests with the Head of Bachelor Programmes.

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Admission fee CHF 515 Tuition fees per semester CHF 800 Examination fees (approx.) CHF 1100

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