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Special emphasis is placed on the international dimensions of business and management.

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Reutlingen (Baden-Württemberg)
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The programme is open to graduates with a good first degree (German minimum average of 2.5) in business, economics or a related field (at least 50% of the first degree must be comprised of business modules. These must include economics, marketing, finance, accounting and statistics).

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The Master of Science in International Management is a 12 - 15 month programme spent in two countries and taught entirely in English. Special emphasis is placed on the international dimensions of business and management.

Upon successful graduation students are awarded the "Master of Science in International Management".


For those students with 210 or 240 ECTS from their undergraduate degree who choose to complete the programme in Germany the programme takes a minimum of 12 months. The programme is broken up as follows. The different start and end dates for Study Block one is due to different start and end dates at the three partner institutions

Study Block 1: August/September - December/January (30 ECTS)
Lectures and examinations in France or Mexico or the USA

Study Block 2: February - May (30 ECTS)
Lectures and examinations in Germany at the ESB Business School

Study Block 3: June - Nov (30 ECTS)
Thesis phase. Students have a maximum of 6 months in which to write their thesis. The fast track option open to all those entering the programme with 210 or 240 ECTS is to submit their thesis at the end of August.

Students entering the programme with 180 ECTS from their undergraduate degree must complete a compulsory 20-24 week internship on completion of Study Block 2 before they will be allowed to proceed to Study Block 3. These students are encouraged to link their internship with their thesis topic. The ESB Business School can award 30 ECTS for the successful completion of this integrated internship ensuring that all students on graduation will have attained 300 ECTS.Students have the possibility of writing their thesis with a company. This usually takes the form of an internship (20-24 weeks) and would lengthen the programme for those interested in the fast track option.

Course Content:
Course contents may vary slightly from one institution to another. Electives are not applicable to all institutions.

Study Block 1
Managerial Economics
Business Statistics
International Business
International Marketing
Research Methods
Compulsory Module (France only)
International Governance

Study Block 2
International Corporate Finance
International Business Strategy
International Operations Management
International Law & Business Ethics
International Law & Business Ethics
1 Compulsory Regional Module

Study Block 3
Master’s Thesis

Partner Universities
DCU, ESB, RMS, UCSC, UDLA and NU have been working together for a number of years within the International Partnership of Business Schools (IPBS).
The IPBS is a consortium uniting partner schools in Boston (USA), Dublin (Ireland), Madrid (Spain), Reims (France), Reutlingen (Germany), Piacenza (Italy) and Puebla (Mexico).

The IPBS Universities closely co-operate in a network of four-year undergraduate and one year post-graduate business studies programmes. With their various programmes in international management education, each one ranks among the top institutions in their respective countries.

The MSc Programme International Management builds on the successful undergraduate programmes offered by the consortium.

All lectures and examinations are conducted in English. The professors who teach in the various schools all have extensive academic and professional background in their respective fields ensuring high academic standard and a strong practical orientation. In addition, senior and experienced representatives from the corporate world are involved in the teaching of the programme Praxissemester: 1 ist Pflicht für Bewerber mit 180 ECTS (freiwillig für alle anderen) Auslandssemester: 1

Starting dates vary from school to school, from early August (UDLA, Mexico) to mid September (RMS, France). The exact dates are directly communicated to the students by the schools themselves, once the candidate has registered for the IPBS Masters program.

Bewerbungsschluss: 10. Juni

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- Non-EU students = €UR 17000 * surcharge of EUR 2,200 for students choosing to start at Northeastern University

International Management (IPBS)

11.000 € zzgl. MwSt.