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Licentiate Degree in Sacred Theology (S.T.L.) Sacred Scripture

Universidad Pontificia Comillas
In Madrid ()

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Tipologie Master
Dauer 2 Jahre
  • Master
  • Dauer:
    2 Jahre

The Licentiate Degree in Sacred Theology is a postgraduate program (MA in Theology). As such, a certain level of knowledge and skill from previous study (Bachelor's Degree in Sacred Theology (S.T.B.), Master's Degree in Divinity and equivalents) is expected. Students will focus their studies on a specific field of interest within the diverse areas of Catholic theology. The course is structured according to a two-year cyclical plan.

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· Welche Ziele werden in diesem Kurs verfolgt?

This Degree equips students to expertly engage with any matter related to their specialist field. It is designed as an introduction to research, in each of the specialist fields, according to the theological methodology required for each area. The course focuses especially on developing advanced knowledge of Catholic doctrine, based on Sacred Scripture and tradition, in order to contribute to presenting an ever-clearer understanding of the mystery of Christ, in line with the most significant contemporary cultural movements. Students will cover the most cutting-edge and interdisciplinary topics, without neglecting the value of the Christian tradition. The formation includes development of our commitment to evangelization and to providing the broadest possible apostolic service to the people of God through reflection, enlightened by Christian Revelation, on the problems that affect humankind in today's world.

· An wen richtet sich dieser Kurs?

The course provides advanced formation for all students in any of the main theological disciplines, according to Catholic doctrine, with a special focus on theological and human preparation for priests or candidates to priesthood, and to other ecclesial offices.

· Voraussetzungen

Licentiate Degree in Ecclesiastical Studies (Bachelor's Degree in Theology). Six years of philosophy-theology studies before the "Second-cycle Entry Exam". Foreign students who do not hold academic certificates issued in Spanish must present a DELE at B2 level or higher.

· Welche Schritte folgen nach der Informationsanfrage?

Interview with the Dean. Students from other universities who wish to apply for the Licentiate Degree in Sacred Theology (second cycle), must contact the Registrar's Office of the Faculty by email and explain their current academic situation and why they want to study at this University. They will be informed of the application period and of the required documentation.

Was lernen Sie in diesem Kurs?

Especialidad de Teología Dogmático
Epistemología teológica
Historia de la Teología


Segundo Ciclo (1o-2o)

Especialidad De Teología Dogmático-Fundamental (120 Ects)

Especialidad De Sagrada Escritura (120 Ects)

Especialidad De Teología Moral Y Pastoral (120 Ects)

Especialidad De Teología Espiritual (120 Ects)

Especialidad De Historia De La Iglesia (120 Ects)