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The Master's program has been designed to equip students with the necessary skills and the business knowledge to think and act like entrepreneurial leaders. Job opportunities result in enterprises, in which communication and IT-systems play a significant role (e.g. IT to support communication processes within companies). Our graduates make career in the service industry, health care, trading, with hardware manufacturers, software and computer retailers, in media enterprises, banks, consulting companies, assurances as well as in the education sector.




Innsbruck (Österreich)
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Bachelor or equivalent degree with a min. of 15 ECTS pts. in the area of IT & ICT, 20 ECTS points in Mgmt. & Business Mgmt. and 10 ECTS points in Communication.

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The Master’s program Management, Communication & IT enables participants to develop and focus on applying skills and theories that allow them to recognize and use market opportunities in- and outside organizations in the field of management, human interaction and applied informatics. Thus they are provided with the necessary base to be innovative and reach sustainable success.

Primary curriculum goals include:

  • to gather sound and application-oriented knowledge to further develop management expertise and approaches to innovative technologies
  • the development of a sound understanding and theory of business informatics and their implications for business development
  • the reflection and discussion of key competencies needed to develop entrepreneurial and intercultural leadership

The global perspective is reflected in the composition of the faculty, the students, the curriculum and the study related projects. Particular importance is placed on the excellent command of English. A selected number of students will have the opportunity to take part in a semester-abroad program with a partner university.

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Preisinformation: Für Studierende aus EU- & EWR-Staaten: EUR 363 / Semester zzgl. gesetzlichem ÖH-Beitrag Für Studierende aus Drittstaaten: EUR 2.000 / Semester zzgl. gesetzlichem ÖH-Beitrag
363 € inkl. MwSt.